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Elevated Dog Dishes for Large Dog Comfort and Safety

Elevated Dog Dishes for Large Dog Comfort and Safety

Are you a tall dog like my “little” brother Reilly?

Do you have a hard time bending over to reach your bowl when you eat or drink?

Do you constantly have to lift your head up when you you’re eating, just to swallow your food?

Chip here. My legs are pleasantly short so I don’t have these problems, but I know Reilly does and have had other dogs tell me they do as well.

Have you heard your vet warn your pet about something called “bloat”? From what I understand it’s not a great thing to experience. Thankfully, I’m a little dog and it doesn’t happen to us as often as it does to the bigger dogs. This “bloat” thing is when your stomach turns and causes a gassy buildup. There are no outside symptoms but inside it hurts and can cause death!

Well, there is a solution to this problem, maybe not a medical solution to guarantee that it never happens again, but one that will decrease your chances of this happening to you! It’s an elevated dog bowl system. This system looks like a little table and it raises your bowls to a better height so that you don’t swallow as much air when you eat. Plus it’s easier on your whole spinal system, believe me, anything that helps your spinal system is a great buy. I should know, I’ve had spinal surgery!

Hey, I kid around with Reilly but I look for things like this to help him because I like having him around – especially when he visits my house and my pets put those funny looking fancy boots on him so he doesn’t scratch up the floors. I have to hide so he doesn’t see me laughing as I watch him walk. Okay, yeah, I like him too (but please don’t tell him!).

Anyways, there is a elevated dog bowl system that will work for your and for you – – something that will fit any kitchen design! You could even get a food mat to put under it so that it doesn’t move too much if you are really hungry or thirsty, not to mention if you always approach your dish in attack mode like Reilly does.


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