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10 Fire Safety Tips for Dogs, Their Pets & Homes

10 Fire Safety Tips for Dogs, Their Pets & Homes

This month has been designated Pet Safety Month. We’ve decided to feature Fire Safety. It’s an important topic to consider because a fire can start anywhere, at any time.

Both dogs and their pets need to be ready BEFORE one happens.

Reilly here! So, do you know what to do in order to survive a fire and, hopefully, not even get hurt? I’ve found some great tips and ideas that I want to share with you today.

In order to get into the mood and into the right frame of mind, let’s get our dog firefighter costumes on! These aren’t just great for Halloween anymore! So, now that we’re dressed properly, let’s get started!

Tip 1: Use smoke detectors

Make sure smoke detectors are in working order and schedule battery changes. Don’t wait for it to start yelling that the batteries are dying in order to change them. There should be one on every floor of your home, not just near a potential fire hazard area like the kitchen. If you don’t have on in your home; shame on you! Get one or more, yesterday! Also, remember we can’t call 911 (no thumbs); so have the smoke detectors always be monitored by someone! We can alert people who are asleep that they are going off, but we can’t go for help or make a phone call!

Tip 2: Have a plan

Does every pet in your house know what needs to be done/grabbed/where to go in case of a fire? NO???? Well, make one. What should be in your plan?

  • reilly fire dog 2Draw a map of each level of your home and show all doors and windows. Find two ways to get out of each room. Make sure all doors and windows that lead outside open easily.
  • Designate a meeting location a safe distance in front of your home.
  • Make sure everyone knows the emergency number for your local fire department or has the ability to call 911.
  • Practice your escape drill twice a year.
  • Make a notation of who is going to take care of the dog!

Tip 3: Post pet alert stickers near doors

Get alert stickers (like the picture at the top of this article) that let everyone know there are dogs in the house in case of a fire. Put them on windows near both the front and back doors, since there is no way to know which entrance emergency responders might use. These stickers allow whoever comes to help to know that there are animals who may need help!

Also make sure that someone knows all your hiding places so that you aren’t left behind because you got scared and hide from the fire! Where can you get these stickers? Most volunteer fire houses have them available, or you can get them at pet stores or Amazon.

Tip 4: Use a fireproof box for key documents

Have your pets get a fireproof box for your record – – you can let them keep theirs in the box, too. What should you put in there? Your rabies shot information as well as any other shot records and your microchip number. You wouldn’t want these things to get lost or destroyed.

Tip 5: Keep a dog carrier in a handy place

Store a dog carrier where it will be handy if your family has to evacuate the house because of fire.

You might need to live in it for a while. Your pets will be busy trying to find a new place to live and in the meantime, you will be in an unknown place.

It is also possible that you won’t be able to stay with your pets in their temporary shelter. Make sure that you have someone who can watch you in case that does end up happening!

How can you prevent a fire from happening? Well, you can’t stop everything! But there are some precautions that you can take in order to make sure a fire doesn’t happen.

Tip 6: Use flameless candles

When candles are used in the house, be sure they are flameless candles instead of the kind that have an open flame. Why? They can get knocked over and start a fire! Also just in case a pet forgets that they lit the candle, a flameless candle won’t spark and cause anything flammable near it to start a fire while anyone’s gone.

Tip 7: Put safety knob covers on the stove

Some dogs like me are tall and depending on your stove, can knock their tails into a stove top and turn it on. Get some safety stove knob covers and keep that from even being a possibility! Luckily, my stove knobs are so far away that I can’t do that, but not all stoves are designed the same way!

Tip 8: Use ceramic or stainless steel bowls

Get dog bowls made out of metal or ceramic material for use outside in sunny areas. If you were to use a glass bowl on your wooden deck, the sun could go through it and start a fire on the deck. You know, the same way those little boy pets look through a magnifying lens and burn ants or other bugs they see. This could start a fire and destroy the deck you’re sitting on! So use something else for your water!

Tip 9: Use a fire place protector

If you have a fireplace, put up a fire safety barrier to keep dogs (small human pets, too) out of it.

You don’t want a young pup or someone else to be doing anything in the fire and accidentally start a fire outside of the fireplace! That would be awful!

Putting a gate around the area allows you to still enjoy the warmth but avoid the accidents!

Tip 10: Limit ability of puppies to roam alone in the house

Put young pups that aren’t trained yet into a crate or fenced-in area, sometimes called a dog playpen, when your pets are gone. You wouldn’t want them to knock anything over and start a fire while your pets are away!

Fires can provide warmth and can also cook things to make them tastier; however it can also be harmful and cause mass destruction. Be safe and have a plan in case of accidents!

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