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First Aid Kits for Dogs: Sometimes We Need Them!

First Aid Kits for Dogs: Sometimes We Need Them!

First aid kits are what our pets pull out when we get a cut or somehow banged up.

When you play too hard with another dog and get a cut yourself – or even a bite or two – is there anyone pulling out a first aid kit for you? Well, now they can!

Chip here! While I haven’t gotten banged up too badly while playing with Reilly, I have managed to get a few scrapes myself so I’ve been researching (with the help of my staff) first aid kits for dogs! What are these first aid kits?

First Aid Kits for Dogs

Well, according to our… I mean MY research, first aid kits for dogs usually include some kind of spray or gel to seal the injury and then also some kind of bandage to cover it to prevent scratching. There are also some gauzy things that are supposed to clean the injury as well before you put that spray or gel on it and way before you put the bandage on it. It all seems complicated but seems to work.

They make different sprays and gels and even balms that our pets can put on us, with the selection depending on our needs.

  • If you hurt the pads on your paws while out doing something fun, they have special balms to ease that pain.
  • If you have an itch like me that doesn’t go away, they have sprays and gels that you can get your pets to put on you and it helps to ease that pain and cool the itch.

It works great…for a short period of time, then you have to get them to put more on you! That’s a pain to make your pets keep up with that!

Special Bandages for Dogs

Speaking of pain, the bandages can be bothersome too, especially if you have to have one on your paw. Thankfully, though, pets think of everything (well, we can let them think so, right?). They have special tasting bandages that make us NOT want to taste them. I don’t know what these pets put on it, but it tastes disgusting. Even Reilly won’t lick them – – and he likes everything (hehehe)!

It probably tastes as bad as the spray that my pets put on me so that I won’t lick something they think I shouldn’t.

That’s the idea of the bandages. Is it really that bad Reilly?

Yeah, it’s awful!  What’s more awful than those bandages? If you get really hurt, like worse than you were before your surgery; then you could end up needing a dog wheelchair.  Did you see those things? Those do NOT look like fun!

Reilly, MUST you try to take over again?

To answer your question, no those did not look like fun and I wouldn’t want to have to use a dog wheelchair. Those are for the dogs that can’t use their back legs for one reason or another. Usually because they’re hips are unusable due to hip dysplasia or some other condition. Or even because their back is injured in some way making the use of the back legs impossible.

If your pet doesn’t know what to do for you, they can always get a book on first aid for dogs to help them figure it out.  If something isn’t in the book, or is too serious, PLEASE beg your pet to take you to the vet for some professional help.

Don’t let your pet do something that will further harm you!


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