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Fleas and Ticks: UGH Keep Them Out of Your Yard!

Fleas and Ticks: UGH Keep Them Out of Your Yard!

Grrrrr…gotta scratch again. Please don’t tell me it’s a flea!

It’s that time of year again! Just when the flowers bloom so do the bugs. Spring is finally here with all that warm weather and playing outside — unfortunately that also means the start of flea & tick season.

Reilly here and, no, I don’t have fleas! That was merely a dramatization, what I understand they call “poetic license.”

I talked before about flea protection for yourself and your home. Well, I want to discuss with you a little more about fleas and ticks because it is the beginning of flea and tick season. Just like our pets and us, fleas and ticks enjoy the warmer weather.

How do you get fleas and ticks on you in the first place? Well our research staff has found that when some other flea-infested animal, a stray dog or stray cat, or some other neighbors’ dog or cat, or some wildlife animal, usually an opossum or raccoon, went through your yard and then you went outside to play or do your business. The eggs of fleas fall off one of those creatures and land in your yard. They then hatch and grow up and jump onto YOU! Gross!

Did you find a way to stop them from hatching in all that research you did Reilly?

I sure did Chip! There are these yard sprays that you put into the yard that will kill the eggs and hatched fleas. However there is a downside that I’ve found.

What’s that?

We can’t use the yard after the spray is applied for a certain amount of time. That depends on which flea spray your pets buy and what the bottle says.  Usually the time is only 4 hours but that’s still 4 HOURS! Don’t let your pets allow their little pets out there if you can’t be out there! It’s bad for them as well!

That isn’t fair! But I think I’d rather be flea free than covered with all those itchy biting fleas!

Me too Chip! I hate those things! Now, I said that I’d also be talking about ticks. How do we get ticks on us? We get ticks on us because they’re out in the environment when running around in the woods or though the high grass. You should get your pets to check you every time that come back from walking around in these environments.

I’ve had a tick on me before! Those are weird. You don’t know they are there feeding on your blood until someone sees it! And the only way that you can get it off is having your pet twist it off so that the head doesn’t come off and continue to feed! YUCK! Ticks!

What my research staff has come up with to help avoid either of these blood suckers is to not only use the flea spray but to cut the tall grass, trim back the bushes and shrubs, then rake up all the leaves from under the bushes.  Also don’t let your pets to just spray everywhere! Spray mainly in the areas where these insects will appear-under shrubs, under bushes, in crawl spaces and along fence lines.

Here are some products that we managed to find that will help your yard become flea and tick free.

4 Responses to Fleas and Ticks: UGH Keep Them Out of Your Yard!

  1. Molly says:

    You can also use beneficial nematodes, which are tiny insects that eat flea larvae and can be sprayed onto your yard. They are organic and require no “wait time ” after application. They are just good bugs!

    Keep up the good work, Chip and Reilly!

    • Barry Birkett says:

      Great suggestion! Thank you Molly.

    • Diandra says:

      Német ismerősöm , amikor meglátogat általában ezeket kérni , hogy készítsem el neki :1, Mátrai borzacska2, Zserbó3, Almás palacsinta ( az a leheletvékony , almaszeletes )4, Paltkpörcöla5, Csülök pékné módraVégül szeretném megjegyezni hogy nagyon jó az oldal. Imádom olvasgatni. A megvalósítás sem várat sokat magára , ígérem !!Üdv : Anikó

    • Thanks for contributing. It’s helped me understand the issues.

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