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Foooooood! Yes, We Love our Dog Food!

Foooooood! Yes, We Love our Dog Food!

Do all dogs absolutely love food – is it just me?? Did you know that they make all different types of food, with different tastes and sizes, for a lot of different reasons?

Hey Chip here! My pets had to change my food a few years ago because I was allergic to the type they bought for me. That’s what they said, anyway. All I know is that I, well, had trouble keeping it in my stomach after eating. It wasn’t real fun.

I heard it’s because you have a “sensitive system”, Chip!

Ha ha, Reilly! Anyway, I have to eat special allergy dog food. Mine has a beef taste, yum! Reilly is lucky, he doesn’t have to worry about allergy food, and he can eat whatever he wants to eat. His pets get him an adult dog food that works for him, though I think ANYTHING would!

They make dog food in cans and bags. The canned dog food is wet and can make your teeth build up plaque faster. It requires that you allow your pets to brush your teeth. Yuck! But I’ve heard it tastes good and for those of us that are advanced in age that don’t have as many teeth left, it allows us to eat easier without having to chew as much.

Personally, I prefer dry dog food. Dry dog food is made by a LARGE variety of vendors. They make them with different tastes in mind. I like my food to be made with real meat and not any of that fake stuff. Did you know that some dogs like seafood as their main ingredient? What is seafood? I’ve never had the stuff.

Anyway, dog food is good; just make sure that your pets look at what they are made of and that it is good for you. I know they look at what they eat before they buy it, why wouldn’t they do the same for us?

With dog food being such a matter of individual taste, I can’t possibly recommend anything but suggest you check out my favorite place to buy food, Amazon.com. Tell them Chip sent you!

I don’t have pictures of recommended products, so I’ll demonstrate my technique!

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  1. Reilly says:

    Hey! I want some food too!

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