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Gifts for Our Pets So They Don’t Feel Left Out

Gifts for Our Pets So They Don’t Feel Left Out

You know what you want for Christmas, but what do you get for your pets?

Yeah, sometimes we feel like we should do something for them, don’t we!

Need some help with some ideas? Chip here and ready to help!

Reilly and I decided I should write this post since he did the one about what you might ask for from your pets.

Chip here! Here’s a list of some idea of what you could get for your pet and little pets:

  • Media is always a good idea. What is media you ask? Books, CDS, DVDs and Blu-rays are all under the “media” umbrella. There are a lot of dog related media products out there. For instance, you can get your pets a CD of Christmas music that is dogs barking Christmas music. If you are forced to listen to Christmas music for a month, then why not have them listen to dog barks at least. I’d prefer that to the Chipmunks Christmas songs; they squeak so high it hurts my ears! They also have Snoopy and Clifford books for little pets! Get them interested in all things dogs early! Reilly’s little pet loves all things dog and she’s only 1!

    • Do your pets have smartphones? Well now you can get your pets cases for those smartphones with your picture on it. That way they can carry you around with them everywhere they go. They can see you and think of you—maybe even get you things when they see you! Oooh, added bonus of more treats! Um, where was I? OH yeah, phone cases! They can protect their phone with a picture of a dog that looks like you!
  • Jewelry is also a big seller for Christmas. They make charms to go on those bracelets you see everywhere. They also make watches with your breed’s face on it, or as close to your breed as you can get if you’re a mutt! You can also get generic dog jewelry in case you’re having a hard time finding one that looks like you! Earrings are also popular as Christmas gifts. Guess what, these too come in doggie shapes!

  • Have you ever seen those big blow-up decorations in pet’s yards for the holidays? Well, they inflatable yard decorations that your pets can put outside and have fun.. You can get your pets a blow-up Snoopy lying on his decorated house! It goes in your yard and let’s other pets know that your pets like dogs! It’s something they can use every year!
  • Speaking of decorations, ornaments are those things that decorate the Christmas tree that is inside the house. I know a tree inside is tempting to pee on, but don’t do it! I promise it isn’t worth the punishment that you will most definitely get from doing that. There are ornaments that you can get to memorialize dogs who have been in your home that have gone away and have their picture so that they can be there in spirit to celebrate the holiday season with you and your pets. There are also ornaments of dogs dressed for the holidays that can adorn your tree! You can get picture ornaments that can hold pictures that are of your whole family, animals and pets alike!

  • Your little pets can even show off their love of dogs! You can get them a cute outfit to wear that has dog pictures or patterns on it! It’s a great gift idea for the little pets in your life! You can get outfits that match what you can wear too! That makes for a very cute picture for any of the ornaments or frames that are around your house.
  • There are always household items that you can get for your pet! You can get them a vacuum to help clean up after you. Or you can get them bakeware to encourage them to make you homemade treats! Make sure you check out our recipe page to get them on the right track. There are some yummy treats that they can make for you at home on there!

As is true of just about anything, there are always more things that you can get for your pets that are dog related if you just look! I didn’t list them all here because, well that would take a long time to do and I just don’t have that kind of time right now. But from our families to yours, enjoy the holidays! It’s a great time to spend with family, not just to get or give awesome gifts!

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