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Great Ideas for Dogs’ Santa Wish Lists

Great Ideas for Dogs’ Santa Wish Lists

Merry Christmas! Most of us dogs get just as excited about Christmas as our pets – and sometimes even more.

If you have small pets around your house it can be a really special time. I know because my pets brought home a small girl pet last year so this is the first Christmas she is really having fun and it makes it even more fun for me!

Do you have a wish list written down for your pets to get you for Christmas? You know Chip and I do!

Reilly here! If you need a little help as you make your own list for Santa, I’ve got some great ideas right here! I talk a lot with the other dogs at the dog park and these seem to be high on the list of many of them.

Five Top Christmas Gift Ideas from Reilly

  • Food, FOOD and MORE FOOD! At PetFoodDirect you can get your favorite food delivered straight to your door! The food comes to your house quickly and doesn’t take long to go from their warehouse to your door! And if there are other pets inside your house, like cats or small animals; they carry food for them too! Even better than having food delivered is having dog food delivered automatically! Your pets can arrange for your favorites to be delivered on a convenient schedule so you never run out!

  • If you are in the food frame of mind, you can add the next item to your wish list — DOG TREATS! Everyone’s favorite thing! You can get them whenever you do something good or show off your numerous tricks for company. They make treats in the regular bone shapes, but also in fun shapes for Christmas! They also come in fun colors made just for Christmas, red and green! Even though we can’t see what color they are, but they still taste so yummy!
  • Toys! Squeaky toys, plush toys, musical toys, toys, toys and more toys! Where was I? Oh, the next idea for your wish list. They make toys with Santa hats and in Christmas colors; ones that play Christmas music (you know that music that your pets play and listen to all month long?) well now we can destroy, I mean play with toys that also play clips of that music as well! Personally, I love squeaky toys! I try to get the little pet’s squeaky toys but get yelled at all the time, I think it’d be nice to have squeaky toys of my own!

  • Stockings are those sock things that our pets have hanging off their mantle. These stockings have toys and treats and other goodies inside! We have Christmas stockings now too! They come in paw shapes and decorated with dogs that look like us! Plus, it gives your pet an extra chance to give you more presents! I like presents, no matter what it is!
  • If you hate having your nails cut for whatever reason, you can ask for a Dremel for Christmas! This Dremel– yes, I mean the power tool – allows your nails to be filed down instead of cut. It may be loud and weird at first, but you can hardly feel a thing! Plus it will bring back the fun of having a mani-pedi!

If your pet can’t think of what to get you, there are always gift cards! If you get a gift card, you can get whatever you want that you didn’t get for Christmas. They make a terrific gift when you have to get something at the REALLY last minute, too, because you can get an e-mailed gift card for the pet or friend you might have left off your list or maybe somebody for whom you didn’t think about getting a gift – and then they got YOU one!

Don’t forget you have to get your pet something for Christmas too! Check out our post of what might be on their wishlist!

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