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Halloween Costumes for Dogs: Scary, Fun and Stylish

Halloween Costumes for Dogs: Scary, Fun and Stylish

Ever see pets walking around your neighborhood wearing funny clothes? Ever wonder what it’s about?

Reilly here! I’ve heard those funny clothes are called Halloween costumes and that this day is called Halloween or All Hallows Eve. Chip told me before they should call it Doorbell Night, because it keeps ringing and ringing. Knowing how much he likes to bark when it rings, it’s easy to see that he LOVES this night!

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Whatever it’s called, pets walk around wearing clothes they call costumes. These costumes can be very scary like a vampire or cute like a bumblebee. They even dress up their baby pets. Hmmm, wonder what my pets are going to dress their new baby pet up like this year?

Costumes for Every Dog

Anyway, Chip likes to dress up, but I think he’s scared to dress up as something other than a dog in an outfit.

Hey! I have dressed up like a basketball player! That’s not a dog in an outfit! What have you worn? Huh?

I have too worn a costumes! I’ve dressed up like a devil! Well, I’ve shown what I really am by wearing the clothes that go with it! This year I hope to be something else. Two years in a row of a devil is boring! Got to change things up, you know?

Halloween comes around on October 31st. What Halloween costume will you wear this year? You could be a pirate, you could be another animal or you can be a superhero! I want to be Superman! That would be great! What do you want to be Chip?

I think I’d want to be a baseball player or a tennis player! I do love my tennis ball!

Maybe you should dress up like a hot dog? You know since you are one? HAHA!


Here are pages with some Halloween costumes you might want to check out and suggest your pets dress you up to go out.

You can also click on one of the pictures below to check out one of these costumes

Petco Girl Pirate Halloween Dog Costume, X-Large ()Petco Pumpkin Halloween Dog Costume, X-Large ()Petco Dinosaur Halloween Dog Costume, Large ()Petco Monkey Halloween Dog Costume, Large ()

Petco Witch Halloween Dog Costume, X-Large ()Petco Princess Halloween Dog Costume, X-Large ()Petco Wag-a-tude Skeleton Halloween Dog Body Harness with Hat, Small (For Dogs up to 15 lbs.)Petco Hot Dog Halloween Dog Costume, X-Large ()Petco Wag-a-tude Lil' Monster Halloween Dog Hoodie, Large (17

Petco Fireman Halloween Dog Costume, Medium ()Petco Girl Super Hero Halloween Dog Costume, Large ()Petco Boy Super Hero Halloween Dog Costume, Medium ()

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