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Halloween Treats and Toys for Dogs? Wow!

Halloween Treats and Toys for Dogs? Wow!

Speaking of that weird Halloween day, did you know that they make special Halloween toys for us dogs, too? Well, they do! Why not, we are absolutely loveable and really enjoy having fun.

Reilly here again! I already wrote about how they make great costumes for us to wear, they also make treats for us dogs. Does that mean the costumes are meant to be the tricks? Our pets get food that they won’t let us have, who knows why. Something about it making us sick? Like food could be bad. Ha.

You can be scary enough without a costume, Reilly, especially for us little dogs!

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Where was I before I got sidetracked talking about food (like I always seem to do)? Oh, yeah…toys. They have plush, rope, squeak; the list goes on and on. They make them in pumpkin, goblin, bat, and ghost…all the normal Halloween decorations – – though I have no idea what makes those things normal for Halloween. But they aren’t decorations; they are toys-for US! Isn’t that like so cool? They’re meant for us to play with!

Of course, if we end up getting confused between our Halloween toys and the real decorations you think they give us a break for being confused or just yell at us? Who needs three tries to get THAT answer right, huh?

Toys and treats, treats and toys – – either way those are great combinations that I think we should get when we go door-to-door in our costumes with our pets. I mean, they get stuff, why shouldn’t we?

That’s a great idea Reilly. Wow, I didn’t think you were capable of such a thing! I mean…cough cough…um.

Gee, thanks for that Chip. I did come up with this website you know. I do have great ideas every once and while.

WHO came up with the website?? When I mentioned the web you thought I was talking about those things you walk through all the time outside.


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