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Health Insurance for Dogs — Saving Our Pets Money

Health Insurance for Dogs — Saving Our Pets Money

Vet trips are SO much fun when we get sick or hurt bad, right. NOT! Do you often hear your pets complain about how much they are spending while they are taking you to the vet to get better? I know Chip’s pets weren’t happy when they took him in for back surgery (not that he was, either).

Reilly here! I want to talk to you today about something my pets have for me. It’s called pet insurance. Your pets probably have something called health insurance. Well, pet insurance is like health insurance for us dogs! Even though they call it “pet” insurance, it’s not for our pets.

Pet Insurance – For Dogs, Not Pets

reilly after surgeryRecently I had to have surgery, so not fun! The picture that you see is from my recent surgery. I had to have stones removed from my bladder! They were such an annoyance! They made it very hard for me to go to the bathroom! I’m glad they are gone, but having to wear a recovery collar, also known as an Elizabethan collar, was so awful! Everything hit me when I walked. I couldn’t lick the incision area! I wanted to help take the staples out, but my pets wouldn’t let that happen! I did manage to do it a few times, to the dismay of my pets. 😉

My pets are happy they have pet insurance because of the way that it works. How does it work you ask? Well, they do have to pay up front for all my medical fees at the vet’s office, but then they submit the claims and receipts to the pet insurance company. After the company gets the claim; they look it over, and then they send my pets a check for a certain amount based on the plan that we have for me.

Pet Insurance Options

Each plan has a different amount and different vet items and prescriptions that it covers, your pet can choose which one they think is best and which will fit their monthly budget. They would have to pay monthly for the insurance, just like their own insurance. But unlike their insurance, they get money back instead of having to pay a copay each time that you go to the doctor.

This “pet” insurance also covers heartworm pills and flea and tick medicationicon. Those aren’t the only medicines that can be covered, like with our pet’s health insurance what is covered by the plan depends on the plan. There are stipulations and exclusions, so when you are choosing the right pet insurance make sure you read all the fine print and ask a lot of questions. Some conditions may not be covered. They could be considered hereditary depending on your breed. So make sure there are no surprises when it comes to what your insurance covers!

2 Responses to Health Insurance for Dogs — Saving Our Pets Money

  1. Huge believer in Pet Insurance. Haven’t had to use it for anything major yet – knock on wood – but it’s affordable, gives me peace of mind and I like knowing it’s there.
    Nice job!

    • Christina Booker says:

      We love it too! We especially like that we get money back from the vet visits! Every little bit helps in this economy right?

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