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Hello! I’m Reilly and this is my shop! Well, my “big” brother Chip runs it with me. I let him think he is the brains of the team so he let’s me take my natural role of front man. As you can see, I am clearly the eye candy of the team!

I’m a seven year old Dalmatian who has some very cool toys and furniture courtesy of my pets, Christina and Dan. I want to tell you all about the stuff I like so that you can ask your pet for them, too. Well, more like you should be begging and drooling over these toys so that you can have them! They make my life complete! Well, I shouldn’t say complete, I always want more toys! And food! And walks! Ooh and dog park time! And did I say FOOD?

Oh, I should tell you a little bit about Chip, too. I call him my big brother because he is lots older than I am. He’s a fourteen year old Dachshund Poodle mix. Here’s a picture of him. He’ll tell you about some of his toys as well! He has some things that just don’t work for me; I’m too big for them! I play with some of this stuff just to bug him though, at least until he barks at me and I know he means business.

Let me tell you a little bit about my our  store. We will show you a lot of great stuff to buy but we don’t have enough room in our beds for a lot of inventory (Chip has a couple of MBAs working with him so he uses fancy business words) so we are linking to established and reliable retailers for you to buy them. That means the retailers will take your payments, so your information is secure, and will handle the shipping, so you know you’ll get what you buy. We get a commission when you do buy using one of our links – – because I am SO cute!

For those of you into that mushy family picture stuff, here is a shot of me with my family, Christina and Dan. They are so lucky to have me. Fortunately they seem to know it. I guess that makes me lucky too!

 If you have any questions you can reach us through the Contact page in the menu. If Chip and I are eating, sleeping or out playing, one of our pets staff will respond to you.



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