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Hug Your Cat Day – Gifts for Cats Who Don’t Like Hugs

Hug Your Cat Day – Gifts for Cats Who Don’t Like Hugs

Cats, featured in From Our Dogs to Yours? Yes, you heard it right. Don’t worry, it’s not a trend — just a brief detour for us.

Does your family include a feline? Is it June 4th? Well then, you need to hug your cat because it’s “Hug Your Cat Day”! If you can’t guess from the name of the day, it’s simple: today is a day that you as a cat owner are encouraged to hug your cat! BOL (barking out loud)!

Reilly here! If your cats won’t let you hug them for a variety of reasons, and cats seem to have a lot of reasons for not letting you hug them, then you can always show them you love them by giving them something special. What should you get? Well, my research team has pulled up some ideas that I think would be “purr-fect”. Ha-ha, see what I did there? Then your cat might actually hug you! Doubt it, but you never know.

Cat Gifts to Consider

cat bed like a caveWell, since we’re all about hugs, maybe you can give something that sort of gives your catmate a hug. There are these bed options that look like cat caves, but would hug your cat while they are lying inside. They are a great hideaway for your catmate as well! Gifts can be good for more than one reason!

And if you want to get really fancy and make sure the cat goes into the cave? You can hide a catnip toy inside the cave bed. This way you’ll guarantee that they will jump right in and hide away inside their cave! But you can also give them a toy to distract them so that you can try to get a hug without them getting away from you!

If you need another idea to keep them in front of you for a long period of time, you can get a cat grooming comb! Cat’s love to be groomed…or so I’ve heard; since I don’t actually have a catmate, I can’t tell you for sure. I’ve just seen a lot of pictures of where cats like to be petted and combed while doing this research — not to mention TOO many YouTube videos of cats.

I like being brushed so I guess a cat would too, especially one of those cats I’ve seen that have really long hair! With my short hair, I don’t need much brushing, but I would guess they do.

Cats Like Gifts with Hearts on Them

Heart shaped cat bowlIf your catmate really just doesn’t like you, you can get them a food bowl. They will think of you always while they are eating out of a bowl that they got from you! The ones I’ve found have hearts all over them and one is even in the shape of a heart! That means that you REALLY love them. Maybe they’ll like you more for getting a love-ly bowl for them! (Aren’t I PUN-ny? Now I’m ROTFBOL!)

Along the same lines as a heart decorated bowl, you can get them a heart decorated collar! They even have collars with hugs on them! Isn’t that cool! You can give them a hug without actually touching them! I think that’s a pretty innovative idea. And some of them even come with bells so that you can hear them when they are near!

If your house doesn’t have a cat, then you can always go over to a friend’s house and hug their cat if you’re feeling left out. I don’t have a catmate, and I don’t think the one cat I know would like it if I went over there to hug them. I don’t think she likes me very much! Maybe I should get her one of these things I’ve mentioned! Why didn’t I think of that before!

Have a great “Hug Your Cat Day” – – but be careful!

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