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Is it All in the Shoes? Don’t Ask Reilly!

Is it All in the Shoes? Don’t Ask Reilly!

Shoes for dogs? Have you heard of such a thing? I think that if dogs were meant to wear shoes then Zappos would carry them. Does Zappos carry dog shoes? I don’t think so.

Reilly here! I can go along with wearing clothes, especially when going to the dog park in the cold, but shoes and I are like oil and water – – a real mess to clean up!

Every time I go over to Chip’s house, whether just to play or for a business meeting (we do a lot by Skype video call but sometimes just have to talk face to face), the pets make me where these ugly red shoes. See for yourself.

Hideous aren’t they? Well supposedly they help make sure that I don’t scratch their wood floor. I guess they help with traction and getting around a little bit too. But they feel funny and make them laugh at me when I walk around. I feel so funny in them that I just can’t lie down so eventually I get cranky – and who gets yelled at? Yeah, you would think it’s MY fault I don’t take a nap.

Some dogs, however, just love shoes. I have some friends at the dog park who can’t get enough. And good for them!

They make all kinds of dog shoes; they even make sandals for dogs! Who’d think they would do that? Anyway, they even make shoes for dogs that don’t like to go out on the wet grass, and your pet can easily just toss them out after you’re done using them!

Shoes I guess are good if you like going out and walking on hot concrete or hard ground for a long period of time. They help to protect our sensitive paws from the rough outdoors in all types of weather. You know, I think I remember seeing a movie with dogs wearing shoes out in the snow.


Petco Smoochie Pooch Pink Strappy Sandal Dog Shoes, Large (For Paws up to 2.5  Muttluks Black Fleece Lined Dog Boots, Medium ()ABO Gear Aussie Dog Boots, Medium (Pack of 4 boots)Pet Life Pink Ultra Fur Dog Boots, Large ()  Petco All-Weather Extreme Outdoor Paw Protection for Dogs, Medium (Pack of 4 boots; For Paws up to 2.5  Simple Solution Disposable Dog Booties (Medium; For Pets 40-60 lbs.; For paws 2.5

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  1. I do hope more people get to understand the importance of dog shoes as not just a simple fashion accessory to make them look extra cute but more of a protection for our beloved dogs. I have even heard stories of paw diseases like severe allergies that have been solved by letting dogs wear the proper paw protection also known as dog shoes or boots.

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