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Know Your Breed with a Doggie DNA Test

Know Your Breed with a Doggie DNA Test

Are you a dog that pets usually refer to as a “mutt”? Mainly because they don’t know what handsome breeds you are made of?

When you ask about your dad do people (and even other dogs) joke that it was “whoever jumped over the fence”?

Reilly here again. I am a pure bred dog so I don’t have that problem, but I have heard my pet Christina refer to some dogs as “Heinz 57s”. What that means who knows, though I do get a sick feeling in my stomach when she pulls out a bottle of something called Heinz 57 and pours it on some meat. Can you blame me?

But if you desire to know which of our magnificent breeds are in your blood, then have your pet pick one of these fancy new doggie DNA test that can help identify them for you! I’ll be people-goned if I know what DNA is but that is what I hear.

Why might you want to know your breeds? After all, I have had some friends say they are happy with who they are and really don’t need to know WHAT they are. All I know is Christina has some training in this stuff and said there are some diseases or genetic dispositions (I had to get Chip to help me with that – darn) that go with some breeds. There’s Chip now, he has some experience with this and can tell us more.

Thanks, Reilly. Several years ago I had some really bad back problems and needed to get surgery (not fun – but a story for another day). I heard the doctor say that because I am part dachshund I am prone to back problems. That is part of why my pets bought me that great dog bed / table to keep me from jumping on things.

All it takes is a couple drops of drool and your pet can figure out how to best train or care for you based on what breed(s) live in you! They are so simple to use that any pet can do it! It’s only a few steps and it comes with a pre-paid package! Your pet doesn’t have to do much of anything!


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