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Kitty Litter Boxes That are Hidden – For Our Cat Friends

Kitty Litter Boxes That are Hidden – For Our Cat Friends

Hey cats – we found a great product for your pets to get you!

Unlike my partner Reilly, I try to write about more sophisticated topic. Do you remember the first post I did? The one in which I discussed my bed that looks like an end table and sits in my pet’s living room? While looking around for similar great ideas, I found something for those who have feline siblings (hey, some dogs and cats DO get along).

Chip here (if you haven’t guessed already)! I have found some great cat litter boxes that are concealed — you know, just like my bed! That got my attention right away and the cat next door thought they were neat, too.

Litter Boxes That Are Hidden

These litter boxes are displayed in a variety of really different ways. Some are in a potted plant! How cool is that!!! Well, I wouldn’t use a litter box but for a cat it’s cool. Who’d think to look in a potted plant for a litter box? I know I’d never think to look in there!

Chip, do you wish you had a potted plant hiding place? Or is it a litter box that you desire?

NOOOO, of course not Reilly; well maybe I do want a hiding place. Sometimes I need an extra spot to hide from YOU! I certainly don’t want a litter box! Why would I need a litter box for??? Wait, don’t answer that!

Privacy for Cats

Anyway, cats apparently need private time to do their “business”. These litter boxes allow them to have that privacy with the added bonus of hiding the actual box from everyone else.  I don’t understand why cats just can’t go outside like we do, but I guess they are cats and need a box but who knows really.

Some of the litter boxes look like cabinets for your pets to put into their bathroom or they can get an end table like mine! Whichever they choose, these litter boxes are designed to make your house look like it doesn’t have a litter box in it. But what about the smell that usually comes from a litter box? Hmmm, maybe I’ll do a post about that or I can get Reilly on it.


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