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Overcoming Fear and Anxiety in Dogs for a Calm Home

Overcoming Fear and Anxiety in Dogs for a Calm Home

Loud BOOM BOOM BOOM of the fireworks that fly through the sky every year on holidays like July 4th drive fear through you? How about the thunder that booms during a storm?

Are you afraid that your pets won’t come back when they leave the house each day?

You should see – – or, better, hear – Chip when his pets leave. You’d think somebody took his food away for all the noise he makes!

Reilly here again! I told you I’d be back to help you with these problems! While I can’t guarantee that these solutions that we’ve found will cure your problems. I can say that they may help you get through these rough times a little bit easier. My pets say they did some of them with me when I was a wee pup but I don’t buy it – – I mean, ME scared?!?

Sign of Separation Anxiety

For those of you that really aren’t sure if you have the above anxieties, here are some symptoms the Humane Society says are indicative of this disorder.

(1) These behaviors are indications of separation anxiety when you do them when your pets are gone, often starting just after they leave.

  • Digging and scratching at doors or windows in an attempt to reunite with their owners
  • Destructive chewing
  • Howling, barking, and whining
  • Urination and defecation (even with otherwise housetrained dogs)

(2) These are things anxiety makes you do when your pets are at home.

  • Following pets from room to room whenever they’re home
  • Displaying effusive, frantic greeting behaviors, whether pets have been gone a short or long time
  • Reacting with excitement, depression, or anxiety to pets’ preparations to leave the house

Overcoming Anxiety in Dogs

There are a lot of ways that your pet can help you ease your anxiety. There are print and electronic books that your pet can get to help them AND you get used to the things that scare you. These books help your pet go through the process in step-by-step manner so that it’s not all at once and hurt you even more.

While you are learning how to overcome your anxiety, there are pills to help calm your nerves when these loud noises are going to occur. If you can’t beat it just yet, then sleep through it! That would help you in the beginning of your process! It’s possible these fears are caused by a vitamin imbalance, and they make vitamins that can help you with your anxiety on an inside level. Even better, there are also these great calming treats our pets can give us. Yumm!

If you don’t want to sleep through it, you can get a thundershirt or something similar. These types of products act like a hug and can help you to realize that you are not alone in your difficult time. While you are awake, your pet can even plug in one of these amazing electronic calming devices that will give you an extra boost of calming.

Well, I hope any or all of these things will help you get through this July 4th without your usual fear of loud booms!



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