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Pet Fashion Week – Dog Wear for the Summer Heat

Pet Fashion Week – Dog Wear for the Summer Heat

Did you know there was a Pet Fashion Week? No! I didn’t either until I saw it!

I think “pet” means us dogs, though. You know how those people think WE are the ones who are the pets – HA!

Reilly here! I’m going to highlight some pet fashion for the warmer weather.

Chip will do another post that will highlight some pet fashion for the cooler weather. He is, after all, the hot dog! (Get it, he’s part dachshund!)

Oh ha ha ha, Reilly! I may be rolling on the floor but I’m not laughing — it’s only because my back itches.

Shoes So We Don’t Burn Our Feet

So, what might one need for the warmer weather? Here’s what I’ve found that I use, so you will probably use it too!

Let’s start with my least favorite thing to wear! Shoes! If you’re like me, you don’t like to wear anything on your feet. But if you go for a walk in the sun, you will want something like these great sandals for dogs! They protect your pads from the hot cement or, even worse, asphalt!

Did you know that the hot street can actually burn your pads! I didn’t. It hasn’t happened to me yet, but I avoid it at all costs too! If you really don’t like to wear anything your feet, you can walk on the grass. I have found it to be a lot cooler than the street!

Don’t Forget the Shades!

Doggles ILS Protective Eyewear for Dogs (Medium; For Pets 20-60 lbs.)The sun can make it hard to see when you’re out on the walk. May I suggest these great sunglasses for dogs to help you better see things in the light? They make you look really cool too!

I bark from experience that sunglasses help prevent glare and allow you to better see what you’re chasing. They can also help save your eyes from any of those annoying bugs that can fly into your eye. Oh, I just hate those!

Sunglasses are also great for when you’ve got your head out the window of the car. It keeps wind from making your eyes hurt.

Don’t like glasses? Well, you can get a hat and keep the sun out of your eyes that way. It doesn’t work as great, but every little bit helps right? It can also help keep the sun off the top of your head so that you don’t get sunburned. Yes we can get sunburned just like our pets.

Summer Clothing for Dogs

If you want to protect your body while outside there are special shirts for dogs that you can wear that are designed to help cool you down or to help protect you from the sun’s evil rays. Sun burn is no joking matter and can lead to cancer. Yes, CANCER! Plus the shirt makes you look really awesome!Petco Pup Crew Navy Hawaiian Dog Shorts, XX-Small ()

You know how your pets go swimming in the water with those special suits on? Well we can wear swim suits too! And there is special gear that we can don when we swim to be safe. Life jackets are for safety from drowning if you go out in the open water, or even just a pool.

Speaking of water….don’t you just hate it when it rains? It’s impossible to do our business while there is rain pouring out of the sky falling on you interrupting your smelling process for the perfect spot. But I have found the solution! At least sometimes BOL! There are doggie raincoats that you can wear to protect your body and your head from that awful water.

If you’re like me and HATE getting your paws wet on the grass, you can get these neat rain boots! Even pets wear rain boots because they hate having wet paws too!

There are many more different things that you can wear in the hotter weather, I’ve only hit on a few here that I’ve seen or worn during the heat! Stay hydrated and have fun!

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