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Play Ball! Dogs Can Show Support for Favorite Teams Too!

Play Ball! Dogs Can Show Support for Favorite Teams Too!

Are your pet’s baseball fans? Are you? If so, you know that the Postseason of Major League Baseball has started and the World Series is near!

Reilly here! You know Chip loves anything with a ball like that. Actually, I think he would be a pretty good shortstop – just like that dog who had the round-headed boy as a pet.

My pets LOVE baseball, actually I think Chip’s pets do too.

They sure do! They even played baseball!

Wow! They must be good!

Don’t know what we’re talking about? Well, the baseball post season consists of games played as an elimination tournament between teams on each of the National and American League sides. At the end of each elimination series, the National League winner and the American League winner play a set of games that is known as the World Series games. This year’s post season started on October 1, 2013.

Do you have the gear you need to root for your team? It’s a lot more fun to watch the games when you have gear from your favorite team. Even if they’re already looking ahead to the spring and a new season, it’s fun to show which team you like.

Wear Your Favorite Team

I’ve managed to find some great jerseys and hats that you can get to match your pets outfit! They are amazing and look just like the real deal! You can wear the number of your favorite ball player just like your pet can! (And they don’t have to be the same number! Or even the same team if you don’t like who they cheer for!)reilly braves interior

If you want to cheer for them year round, you can get bowls with your team’s logo on them! That way you can eat and drink from them just like your pets do! They have cups, plates, silverware and other housewares that have team logos on it for them! You can match!

For those who want to show off their team spirit gear on the street and in the dog park, you can get a bandana, collar or leash with the team logos on it! I don’t know if your pets would have bandanas or leashes for themselves, but some lady pets do wear earrings, bracelets and necklaces with the logos so we found some baseball jewelry for pets, too! I think that the necklaces are kind of like our collars; but having never worn one, I can’t say for sure.

There are also toys and baseballs with the team logos as well! I know Chip loves to play with a tennis ball, but now he can play with a baseball with his favorite team logo on it! If your pets play golf, they can even get balls and golf club covers that show off their team spirit!

I think it’s clear which team is my favorite! Which team is yours?

Here’s some gear I found to help you and your pet support the team you like.




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