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Privacy & Freedom for Dogs in our Homes

Privacy & Freedom for Dogs in our Homes

Earlier Reilly told you about crates that we dogs can use for a home within the home – a somewhat private place? There was one type of open kennel that let the world see into the kennel; well it also lets you look out at the world too.

Chip here! They make special covers for our homes that allow us the privacy we deserve! They fit perfectly over the kennels and have a fold down door that looks a little like a doggy door that some people have on their house doors.

Umm, Chip? You need to stay on topic here…don’t go off onto another topic until you’ve finished this one! You need to talk about crate covers.

Privacy for Dogs?

Good point Reilly. Okay, where was I? Oh crate covers. These covers are breathable fabric covers that come in a variety of colors and style that match any dog’s personality.

Some of these covers also have side pockets for you to keep your prized possessions – and sometimes you – hidden from your pets. Think about how nice it would be if the younger pets weren’t able to pick up your toys and walk away with them all the time!

Hey Chip? What’s a doggie door?

Doggie Doors?

Well Reilly, a doggie door is a small door that’s in a big pet door. It allows us dogs – generally dogs smaller than you though – to go in and out without having to wait for them to come and open the door to let us out. They’ve even got advanced technology ones now for our pets to be able to open and close them without having to get up. That way no cold or hot air comes in if it’s just open.

If your pet doesn’t want to cut a hole in their existing door, they can buy special screen doors that already have a doggie door in them! Isn’t that cool?

Yeah, I know Christina says she wants a screen door for our back door. We don’t have one…I wonder if I can get them to buy one with one of those doggie doors just for me! It would cut out the need of sitting at the back door waiting on them to get up and let me out.

That’s true, it certainly would eliminate that annoyance! Good point Reilly! Of course, that would mean they wouldn’t have to get up and let you in, either, and maybe that don’t want that (hehehe).

Click on the Pictures to Learn About & Buy Chip’s Suggested Crate Covers & Doggie Doors

Precision Pet Indoor/Outdoor Tan Crate Cover 6000 (Fits Crates: 48Precision Pet Indoor/Outdoor Navy Crate Cover 3000 (Fits Crates: 30Petco Home and Travel Portable Canvas Crate (36

Plexidor Medium Door Mount Pet Door in White (13.75

Classy Custom Large White Stainless Steel Magnum Pet Portal (Large; 16.25Perfect Pet All Weather Series Insulated Medium Pet Door (Medium; Flap Opening: 7.25High Tech Pet Power Pet PX-2 Pet Door, Large (16Classy Custom Large Mint Sherbet Alley Deluxe Pet Portal (Large; 16.25PetSafe 81PetSafe Aluminum Freedom Pet Door (X-Large; For Doors 0.38

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