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Privacy Window Material Pets Use to Stop Our Barking

Privacy Window Material Pets Use to Stop Our Barking

Do you love to look out the window? Do you bark at people, cars, cats – – anything and everything out there, including the wind? I bet your pets hate that!

Reilly here! When my little pet came into the world, my pets did something to my windows that I thought I would share and warn you about. I just hope I’m catching you in time to do something about it.

The windows next to our door used to be clear glass, an absolutely perfect viewing area. I loved sitting there staring outside at everything. They were the only windows through which I could gaze outside. There was even a cat that used to come by and taunt me. Boy, I barked at him but good!

Privacy Screens to Block Our View

Well, I guess my pets hated that I barked at all hours of the day and scratched at the sides of the windows. They got some kind of paper that they put on the windows that doesn’t allow me to see out very well anymore.

Well, they don’t know that I can still see outside sometimes (shhhhh, please don’t tell them).

What did they put up you ask? Well they called it a “privacy panel.” My girl pet got one that made the side windows look like stained glass. But it’s not nearly as expensive as actual stained glass would’ve been. It didn’t really look like it had a stain on it, either.

It was really easy for them to put up onto the windows. I heard them say it would take less than thirty minutes and you know what? It took less than 30 minutes! It looked simple to do, I was a great supervisor!

No Barking = No Waking Up Little Pets

My girl pet likes having it up even more now because it means that I don’t wake up the little pet with my barking! She thinks it’s great that I don’t wake her up, and I think it’s great because it means more time away from the little pet! I love the little pet and everything, but sometimes I don’t like her petting me all the time!

You don’t have to get window privacy panels that look like stained glass. Like so many things in life, they come in a variety of patterns and sizes. There is one for your home that will make your windows look great – – even if they are covered and you can’t look out at everything any more.

Privacy Fence Screens Too

Faux Ivy Privacy Screen 59 X 94Do you get accused of barking too much at your fence? Well now your pets can get the same type of privacy for their fence as they can for their windows! It looks like ivy but can be put on the fence to help us NOT to see everything that passes.

Of course, this could also allow some children who are scared of us dogs (for some unknown reason) to not see us AND us not see them and scare them. These fence barriers come in a variety of sizes so that there is one that will fit your fence! Not that I like scaring kids, but (hehehe) I’m not too sure about Chip.

While I miss not being able to look outside, it sure is nice not to get yelled at for barking!

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