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Professional Dog Care When the Family Leaves Us at Home

Professional Dog Care When the Family Leaves Us at Home

Home with my pets is where I love to be and Reilly told me he feels the same way. Unfortunately, sometimes my pets decide to go away for more than a day. When they do, they take me to what they call the “doggy hotel”, as if that will make me feel better. HA!

Don’t get me wrong, the place they take me is nice enough and has good people. I get to stay in a small room with a bowl and blanket. There are lots of other dogs I can hear but not see. I can really SMELL them, though. The whole place smells like dogs!

Yeah, I guess I’m a little picky – – I get to spend most of my time in my home, where the only dog I smell is me. Well, sometimes Reilly, when he comes to visit, but that’s something else altogether. Being in a “hotel” with a lot of noisy, dog-smelling dogs just isn’t my idea of a vacation. I always fuss and whine when they bring me there, hoping they will take pity on me or feel guilty and take me back home. Of course, I always get happy and jump all other whoever picks me up to take me home. I would like to be mad at them but just can’t, darn it.

Reilly has it better, I think. When he doesn’t come with his pets to see me, he stays with his pets’ family. It’s not his home, but a home and not with a bunch of other dogs. Okay, a darn cat but one cat doesn’t make more than a little noise and doesn’t smell anything like a bunch of dogs. Gosh, he has it good!

When I talk with other dogs they tell me about another option, someone hired by their pets to care for them while they’re gone. Some call them “dog sitters“, though I can’t imagine that having someone come into your house and sit on you is much fun. I guess if they do it to baby pets then it can’t be all bad. Others talk about a “dog walker” who comes by their house. I hope that doesn’t mean someone who comes in to walk on the dog. Maybe big ol’ Reilly could handle that but I’m just a little guy!

Where do our pets find these people to care for us? Some use neighbor kids, I think, but others hire a service. I had my staff do some research about services and they found this website, Care.com, that you can use to find people to care for dogs in your own area. You might want to have your pets take a look to see if there is someone in your area listed on the site. Be sure to tell them to check out whoever they use and even get references, though. After all, we dogs are pretty important. They should only get the best care for us!

Find care for your pets at Care.com!

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