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Puzzles for Dogs – Fun Games That Make You Think!

Puzzles for Dogs – Fun Games That Make You Think!

Fellow dogs, do you get bored waiting for your pets to FINALLY play a game with you?

They have a way of doing that – getting us interested in something new, like this great toy or even bringing back that stick they keep losing somehow, and then deciding to go off and do something else. What a tease. It seems to happen quite a bit with pets that have baby pets around the house.

Well we no longer need them to keep us playing and entertained because we can do puzzles for dogs and play by ourselves! That will surely make our pets jealous! Even if it doesn’t, it beats the heck out of being bored.

Chip here! I constantly grow weary waiting for someone to throw my tennis ball for me (since I don’t have hands and can only throw it so far with my mouth). Well, now I don’t have to be bored while waiting for my pets to not be busy with their own things and pay attention to me. I’ve matured, though, and understand that’s going to happen a lot. Younger dogs like Reilly haven’t learned yet and really get bummed when pets don’t want to play now.

Puzzles for Dogs!

Yes, there are puzzles they make just for us dogs now! I can use one of these cool puzzles I found that keep dogs interacted (hmm, is that a word – well at least it sounds like one). Some of them even have these neat hidden compartments that hold treats! Each time you open one of them you can get a treat, how cool is that, something else you don’t have to wait for your pet to give you!

Each puzzle makes you work your brain to figure out how to open compartments to access the treats or it makes you figure out how to put things into their matching spaces. Each one is a little different and really makes you think, thus giving your pets plenty of time to finish their work and get to playing with you.


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