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Raincoats for Dogs – Because It’s Hard to Hold Umbrellas

Raincoats for Dogs – Because It’s Hard to Hold Umbrellas

You know that water that falls from the sky sometimes and gets us wet? Wish you had one of those umbrella things that your pets have to keep them dry? Yeah, I know, we use all our paws for walking so don’t have a way to hold it up anyway.

Reilly here! Guess what? They make raincoats – coats that make the rain fall away before it gets you wet – just for us dogs! These coats cover your whole body and allow you to stay nice and dry. Well, except for your feet, but that’s what the booties are for, right? (I admit I hate wearing shoes unless it’s raining! I hate getting my feet wet!)

Raincoats for Dogs? Clothing Even Reilly Likes!

Who likes getting wet? No one! These raincoats are great! They allow our fantastic coats to stay dry. They are also extremely stylish! Who would’ve thought that something so practical could look so good!

In addition to raincoats they even make rain suits, which cover not just our bodies but our legs, too. These are really neat. Combine them with some of the boots for dogs I discussed before, we might never have to get wet!

Hmmm, I wonder if I could wear my raincoat while I getting a bath.

You like them? Wow, we found an article of clothing that Reilly likes!

Hey! I like my coat when it’s cold out. Anyways! Did you know that if it’s cold out AND it’s raining, I could use BOTH my coat AND a raincoat! They fit over our clothes!

Wow, that’s a deep thought! I didn’t think of that…raincoat OVER the clothes! Well, I guess it makes sense since our pets does the same thing!

Umbrellas for Dogs?

Hey, did I see a dog with an umbrella in that research you did for this post?

Yes you did. Apparently they make an umbrella for dogs that your pet holds while they are holding their own umbrella. I guess that’s for those dogs that hate wearing clothes of their own. But I don’t get that tag line for the dog umbrella…a “gag gift”? Wonder what that is.

I think I’ve heard of that around my household. I think it’s something pets get for one another as a gift but isn’t REALLY a gift, just something to make each other laugh. I don’t know, I think that if you get a gift it should be a REAL gift and not a “gag” gift. But that’s my opinion.

I agree, however watching people’s reactions to a fake gift sounds like fun! Anyway, check out these links to get YOUR raincoat now! They also work great when you have to go out in the snow, because you know, snow is wet too!

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Weather Master Quilted Red Rainsuit for Dogs (Size 16; 15Weather Master Quilted Black Rainsuit for Dogs (Size 20; 19

Royal Animals Silver Raincoat for Dogs, X-Small ()

Pet Life Light Blue PVC Raincoat for Dogs, Small (10

Boneheads Waterproof Dog Raincoat (Large; 14Petco Dog Raincoat in Yellow (Large; 20Petco Dog Raincoat in Pink (Medium; 14ABO Gear Navy Blue Breathable Waterproof Dog Coat (Large; 20

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