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Recipes for Treats We Can Make Ourselves — OMG!

Recipes for Treats We Can Make Ourselves — OMG!

Ever wish you could make your own dog treats — or, even better, have your pets make them?

Think about it, no waiting for anyone to go to the store or for the delivery truck to bring your package. Plus you get to smell great stuff cooking!

Did you think it was too hard to do or too time consuming? That it might take too much time away from the trip to the dog park or you might miss barking at the door to let everyone know about a visitor?

Our pets have given Chip and me some really tasting concoctions! Yeah, I know what “concoctions” means.

Your pets can make you some tasty treats with the recipes below.

The first five I found are ones that even little pets can make for you! I am trying to convince my little one to make some for me, I want to train her right from the get go!

They are that simple! Isn’t that wonderful!

Try Some Recipes & Let Us Know What You Think!reilly in kitchen baking treats

We would love for you to ask your pets to make these for you and your friends too! Let us know how it goes and if you find them as tasty as we do!

If your pet makes you other kinds of tasty treats that I would just have to sample for myself (and maybe even share with Chip!), send them along to me at Christina (at) FromOurDogsToYours.com and I will share with everyone else too!

Chip and I are looking for some more great recipes to give our pets to make for us, holiday treats would be especially fun!

Once made, be sure to store all treats in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2 months or in the freezer for up to 8 months. (I know they won’t last that long!!)

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