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Banished to the Hall – By a Tree of All Things!

Banished to the Hall – By a Tree of All Things!

We put the Christmas tree up today.

Little pet likes to play with the ornaments.

I think the tree is pretty with the lights but….

….now I have nowhere to put my bed.

My pets have kicked me out of the living room and stuck me in the hall.

It was one thing to be relocated when the little pet came into the house but a tree? That seems a bit extreme!

I’m sure Chip will get some good laughs when he reads this. Grrrr

I hope to return to the living room once the catastrophe of the wet floor is over. Oh, I didn’t mention? Well, the dishwasher (whatever that is) decided to leak. It soaked the carpet and ruined a box of little pet’s books. She was very sad that she lost several books.

This mishap has thrown the living room into a disaster area. And then we add a tree into the mix?

*Sighs* I’m in the hallway.

Hope it won’t be around for long, I’d love to be back in the room with everyone!

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