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Finally, My Bed’s Back in the Living Room with the Family

Finally, My Bed’s Back in the Living Room with the Family

My pets finally took the Christmas tree down! It was pretty and all but they pushed my bed out in the hallway to make room for it so I’m really not sad to see it gone.

As soon as they took down the tree for now — I heard something about it coming back again in December — I got to come back into the living room!


However, the sad part is that I’m not in the same place. My usual place is now full of toys so now I am against the wall. It’s taking some time to get used to being in a new place.

They move my bed around so much that I actually forget where my bed is! Well, not really, it’s not that big a room.

I don’t know why they keep moving me; I can’t keep up with where my bed goes from day to day.

When they yell “GO TO YOUR BED!” they get mad when I go to several different locations until I find my bed, as if I can’t remember where my bed is! I really know, of course, but I want them to feel bad that they keep moving me all around.

Don’t get mad at me! I’m not the one that moves it around the living room!

Oh well, at least I’m back into the living room with everyone else, inside the gate!

At least for now.

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