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Ugh – My Bed Temporarily Confiscated AGAIN!

Ugh – My Bed Temporarily Confiscated AGAIN!

Would you believe I was bedless again!

And not because of something I did.

Geez when is this going to stop happening???

Some sort of bugs got into my house — and for once I didn’t get blamed for it (or at least I didn’t get yelled at)!

Still, my pets were concerned whatever it was might have gotten into my bed.

Whatever was going on, it seems like everything in the house got washed and washed! I think my pet did 20 loads of laundry. Including BOTH my beds!!!

Did my beds get done first? NO! They were done LAST! I had nothing to sleep on for TWO days!

The picture above is me in better times, so you can see how much I enjoy just crawling up on my bed.

It might have been two days but it felt like years that I didn’t know where to lie down. I kept going around the living room in circles!

What’s a dog to do?

The only positive part of the whole thing was that I got to sleep on a comforter at night! I wish I could’ve brought that comforter downstairs when I was up during the day, but no I couldn’t!

They days seemed to go by so slow, but once they were washed they were comfy and fluffy again! And they smelled fresh and clean.

It was like they were brand new!

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t so bad after all — once it was over!

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