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Busted Nail Hurt Lots – Then Yelled at for Bleeding!

Busted Nail Hurt Lots – Then Yelled at for Bleeding!

OUCH! I was running around the backyard and clipped my nail – and I don’t mean with nail clippers!

You know when pets say “I broke a nail!”; well that’s what I did. Dog, did it hurt!

My pet Christina had to cut off the nail and tape it up because it wouldn’t stop bleeding. That didn’t make me feel any better.

Hey did you know blood is red? I so didn’t know that! I also didn’t know that blood stains the carpet! It got everywhere my paw did! She was not happy!

She also kept following me around cleaning the carpet behind me. She got tired of doing that so she just taped up my foot all up.

It was weird. I couldn’t feel the floor. I didn’t know if my pad was actually touching the floor! Weirdest feeling ever. Three paws touching the floor and one unknown.

I’m better now, touch and go there for a few days, but it stopped bleeding and now it’s just healing. Licking it helps but I’m not allowed!

But it sure did hurt.

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