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My Little Pet Likes to Play with Me – Oh What Fun!

My Little Pet Likes to Play with Me – Oh What Fun!

My little pet Emma likes to play with me a lot.

Sometimes I get the idea she thinks I’M the pet.

Ridiculous, right?

Anyway, you might think her desire to play means a lot of fun for me, right?

Not so much.

You’ve seen the video of her playing hide and seek with me? If so, you might have noticed that I played along nicely, even though I didn’t really enjoy it that much.

Maybe playing along was a mistake, because now she likes to get on my back and play without the blanket.

She also likes to share her toys with me. But when I try to share back with her I get yelled at for touching the toy.

But SHE gave them to me!

Just check out the picture above, where she totally put HER toys on MY bed!

Tell me, what would you have done? I was just playing with her like she wanted me to!

Jeez… Next time I’ll just bark until she goes away, like I did in this video…

…hm I guess I need a new strategy, because that just doesn’t seem to be working!

She’s getting taller than me now too…any suggestions as to what I could do?


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