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Yelled at for Trying to Talk with the New Neighbor

Yelled at for Trying to Talk with the New Neighbor

There’s a new dog next door! I can see him — or her, I haven’t found out yet — through the huge hole in the bottom of the fence.

However, every time I get close to the fence to say hello I get yelled at for barking.

What’s the matter with saying hello to a fellow dog? My pets say hi to the neighbors all the time.

Do I yell at them for when they stop to chat? No, I do not!

reilly hole in fenceI hear “Emma’s sleeping! Stop barking!” What’s the fun in that? I’m trying to make furiends!

Besides, I don’t know what that means when they say she’s sleeping. When I sleep it’s loud and there are things going on, can’t she sleep through my hello’s?

It’s so hard not to try to talk to the pets or new dog next door when the light is on next door. Guess I’ll have to practice not talking.

I wonder how big I can make that hole in the fence. Maybe Chip can come over and bring some of his pet’s power tools.

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