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Loving Water is Easy with My New Water Fountain from Pioneer Pet

Loving Water is Easy with My New Water Fountain from Pioneer Pet

I talk a lot about products I love or my pets love but we have found one we all love — but me most of all!

Pioneer Pet knows how much I enjoy water and sent me a Raindrop Water Fountain to test out.

It’s a stainless steel water fountain that is made for big dogs like me!

My pets were really excited because it meant that I could have access to water all day without them filling it up as much as they were before.

I love it! It tastes great thanks to the filter in the fountain plus there’s always water for whenever I want it.

Water Continuously Available

It took some time to get used to the fact that there would always be water available.

I tried to find the bottom of the bowl a few times but I couldn’t.

Hey, I REALLY gave it my best shot! I don’t think I ever drank as much water before.

I still drink a lot of water but my pets don’t have to fill it up every hour for me. And I don’t drink my water as fast as I did before because I know it won’t disappear on me.

Easy Care for My Pets

pioneer raindrop water bowlMy pets really love that the Raindrop Water Fountain is dishwasher safe and has an easy to use cleaning kit.

They also like that the pump in the fountain is really quiet (me, I just like that it works!).

If you drink a lot of water like I do because of my prescription diet, then I HIGHLY recommend getting a water fountain like this one from Pioneer Pets. I love it!

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