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Rabbits in My Backyard? Not While I’m on the Job!

Rabbits in My Backyard? Not While I’m on the Job!

There are rabbits in the backyard!

Well, not right this minute but sometimes they’re out there.

I love to chase them away!

I go outside and hunt for them just on the outside of the fence near the woods.

I don’t grant them entrance into our backyard! I try, anyway. They seem to sneak back out by the time I can get out there after them.

I would love to chase them away and keep chasing them, but when they run I’m stuck by the fence.

It’s my job to keep them on the right side of the fence! Not like running the store is my job, but I think you know what I mean. My family entrusts me to keep those rascally things away.

It’s my yard, MINE!

Not the rabbits, possums (those things are even uglier than Chip) or birds!

Can’t you smell me everywhere in the yard? I’ve marked it all, you shouldn’t be entering it without my permission!

And you aren’t going to get it? I am on the job!

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