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Something Strange Going on in My Home – What is It?

Something Strange Going on in My Home – What is It?

So, I’ve been feeling something strange is going on here in the house.

I keep hearing my pets ask the little pet if she’s excited to be a “big sister.”

While this is a new feeling, it seems to me I might have felt something like this a few years ago but I can’t quite pinpoint when or why.

What does that mean exactly? I don’t know, but I feel extra protective of my pet Christina. I feel the need to be close to her as much as I can.

Do you like the picture up above? It’s a selfie I took with Christina using my phone. Yes, I know, I cut off my nose. It isn’t so easy holding the phone and pushing the button, you know.

Instead of my bed I’ve been laying under her feet. It means I have to get up a bit more so that she doesn’t step on me when she gets off the couch, but I feel like I NEED to be there.

I’ve also been told that I need to get used to having two little pets bugging me. Where is this other little pet going to come from? I don’t understand.

I’m so confused!

Please don’t tell Chip, though, or he will just laugh at me.

Can someone explain this to me?

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