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No Trick or Treating for Me – But I Did Trick My Pets

No Trick or Treating for Me – But I Did Trick My Pets

The pets went trick-or-treating without me this Halloween. I wish I could have gone but they told me I just couldn’t go and they left me all alone in the house behind a gate.

Well, they thought they left me behind the gate but they didn’t close it all the way. I got to see out the window! He he!

What did I see?

Lots of little pets walking around in the weirdest outfits! I also saw some dogs dressed up in outfits too! They looked pretty good! Not as good as I did in my outfit but you know, not everyone can look amazing as I do!

The best part of getting left behind? I got some awesome treats! They didn’t last as long as my pets hoped they would but they were darn good while they lasted.

Maybe next year I can go with them! But then I wouldn’t get the treats….hm tough choice.

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