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reilly july 4Hi folks, Reilly here (if you haven’t guessed already)! Our staff here at From Our Dogs to Yours thought it would be a good idea for me to have my own place to just, well, ramble about what’s going on in my world. I thought that was a great idea because everyone wants to know more about me, right! See what you think…

Something Strange Going on in My Home – What is It?

Something Strange Going on in My Home – What is It?

So, I’ve been feeling something strange is going on here in the house.

I keep hearing my pets ask the little pet if she’s excited to be a “big sister.”

While this is a new feeling, it seems to me I might have felt something like this a few years ago but I can’t quite pinpoint when or why.

What does that mean exactly? I don’t know, but I feel extra protective of my pet Christina. I feel the need to be close to her as much as I can.

Do you like the picture up above? It’s a selfie I took with Christina using my phone. Yes, I know, I cut off my nose. It isn’t so easy holding the phone and pushing the button, you know.

Instead of my bed I’ve been laying under her feet. It means I have to get up a bit more so that she doesn’t step on me when she gets off the couch, but I feel like I NEED to be there.

I’ve also been told that I need to get used to having two little pets bugging me. Where is this other little pet going to come from? I don’t understand.

I’m so confused!

Please don’t tell Chip, though, or he will just laugh at me.

Can someone explain this to me?

Loving Water is Easy with My New Water Fountain from Pioneer Pet

Loving Water is Easy with My New Water Fountain from Pioneer Pet

I talk a lot about products I love or my pets love but we have found one we all love — but me most of all!

Pioneer Pet knows how much I enjoy water and sent me a Raindrop Water Fountain to test out.

It’s a stainless steel water fountain that is made for big dogs like me!

My pets were really excited because it meant that I could have access to water all day without them filling it up as much as they were before.

I love it! It tastes great thanks to the filter in the fountain plus there’s always water for whenever I want it.

Water Continuously Available

It took some time to get used to the fact that there would always be water available.

I tried to find the bottom of the bowl a few times but I couldn’t.

Hey, I REALLY gave it my best shot! I don’t think I ever drank as much water before.

I still drink a lot of water but my pets don’t have to fill it up every hour for me. And I don’t drink my water as fast as I did before because I know it won’t disappear on me.

Easy Care for My Pets

pioneer raindrop water bowlMy pets really love that the Raindrop Water Fountain is dishwasher safe and has an easy to use cleaning kit.

They also like that the pump in the fountain is really quiet (me, I just like that it works!).

If you drink a lot of water like I do because of my prescription diet, then I HIGHLY recommend getting a water fountain like this one from Pioneer Pets. I love it!

Planning Session for Our Pets’ Visit to BlogPaws – Without Us

Planning Session for Our Pets’ Visit to BlogPaws – Without Us

Recently Chip and I got together to have a business meeting with some of our staff.

In the picture at the top you can see us getting ready for a meeting, which we decided to hold outside because it was such a nice day.

Yes, it was casual Friday, in case you couldn’t tell.

It has been a while since we had gotten together but we needed to talk (I had to wear my shoes and it wasn’t even snowing!)

Our pets Christina and Kathy are heading to Nashville soon to go to the BlogPaws Pet Conference since we cannot attend due to previous bookings (really, our pets don’t think Chip can travel that far by car – – but don’t tell him I said so).

Anyway, Chip and I, along with the rest of the staff that has to stay at work instead of getting that neat trip (sorry, but I wanted to go!) got together to establish a plan for those lucky dogs (I understand that’s a figure of speech because clearly they are NOT dogs) who are going.

We told them all about what products and treats we wanted them to bring back so we could try and taste.

We (Chip and I, not the staff) drooled at the prospect of all those tasty treats!reilly chip break from meeting

I am running this on the first day of BlogPaws so if you’re attending the conference, stop our pets and tell them to bring the big guy next time!

We had a great meeting and got the pets all prepped for the trip, then we took a break to chase one of Chip’s tennis balls around.

Hey, be sure to give us a bark from BlogPaws!

Ugh – My Bed Temporarily Confiscated AGAIN!

Ugh – My Bed Temporarily Confiscated AGAIN!

Would you believe I was bedless again!

And not because of something I did.

Geez when is this going to stop happening???

Some sort of bugs got into my house — and for once I didn’t get blamed for it (or at least I didn’t get yelled at)!

Still, my pets were concerned whatever it was might have gotten into my bed.

Whatever was going on, it seems like everything in the house got washed and washed! I think my pet did 20 loads of laundry. Including BOTH my beds!!!

Did my beds get done first? NO! They were done LAST! I had nothing to sleep on for TWO days!

The picture above is me in better times, so you can see how much I enjoy just crawling up on my bed.

It might have been two days but it felt like years that I didn’t know where to lie down. I kept going around the living room in circles!

What’s a dog to do?

The only positive part of the whole thing was that I got to sleep on a comforter at night! I wish I could’ve brought that comforter downstairs when I was up during the day, but no I couldn’t!

They days seemed to go by so slow, but once they were washed they were comfy and fluffy again! And they smelled fresh and clean.

It was like they were brand new!

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t so bad after all — once it was over!

Snow Looks Nice and Tastes Good – But It Is COLD!

Snow Looks Nice and Tastes Good – But It Is COLD!

So, it snowed! You know that white stuff that comes from the sky? Well, at least I think that’s what my pets were calling it.

Let me tell you that snow stuff is COLD!

No, it didn’t just happen today, but it took a while for my paws to thaw out enough to type this.

You know how much I hate wearing shoes when I go visit Chip? Well, I wish I had them! My feet were freezing!

Even worse, my pets made me go potty in the snow! I mean come on, it’s white!

It’ll show where I went….that’s embarrassing!

You know what happens when you go potty in the snow? It turns yellow! Neat huh?

Anyway, the snow tasted pretty good, except for the yellow part. I could eat it and it melted like water! It was a pretty neat trick!

When it was coming down I could catch it in the air! It was so cold.

I should have let my pet put my jacket on me before I went outside. Maybe then I wouldn’t have been soooooooo cold!

She said that I would regret not having a jacket on, whatever that meant! I needed that jacket. I needed those shoes! If it happens again, I’ll wear them with pride…and stay warm!

reilly walking in snow

My Little Pet Likes to Play with Me – Oh What Fun!

My Little Pet Likes to Play with Me – Oh What Fun!

My little pet Emma likes to play with me a lot.

Sometimes I get the idea she thinks I’M the pet.

Ridiculous, right?

Anyway, you might think her desire to play means a lot of fun for me, right?

Not so much.

You’ve seen the video of her playing hide and seek with me? If so, you might have noticed that I played along nicely, even though I didn’t really enjoy it that much.

Maybe playing along was a mistake, because now she likes to get on my back and play without the blanket.

She also likes to share her toys with me. But when I try to share back with her I get yelled at for touching the toy.

But SHE gave them to me!

Just check out the picture above, where she totally put HER toys on MY bed!

Tell me, what would you have done? I was just playing with her like she wanted me to!

Jeez… Next time I’ll just bark until she goes away, like I did in this video…

…hm I guess I need a new strategy, because that just doesn’t seem to be working!

She’s getting taller than me now too…any suggestions as to what I could do?


Running is Fun – But Not Waiting for My Pet to Finish Her Runs Without Me

Running is Fun – But Not Waiting for My Pet to Finish Her Runs Without Me

My pet Christina has been running races from 5k to half marathon (I understand that’s a long way) for more than a year now.

Can I tell you, I LOVE IT!

I love walks and guess what?? She brings me with her for the shorter training walks and even runs some with me!

That’s really fun, even if I want to keep running longer than she does sometimes. I get to go for a walk several times a week and it’s been amazing.

The only downside is when she goes for those longer runs that she doesn’t take me! Doesn’t she know that I could help her go faster?

I know what she wears on her runs so I follow her and beg to go with her. But she leaves me behind!


That leaves me to stand by the window patiently (or at least I try to be patient) waiting for her to return to take me on her cool down walk.

I like to go for walks! They are so much fun! (or could you tell?)

You can see me in the picture above waiting by the door for her to return. The window might have stuff on it, but I can still see if she’s coming back and I get so happy!!!

Rabbits in My Backyard? Not While I’m on the Job!

Rabbits in My Backyard? Not While I’m on the Job!

There are rabbits in the backyard!

Well, not right this minute but sometimes they’re out there.

I love to chase them away!

I go outside and hunt for them just on the outside of the fence near the woods.

I don’t grant them entrance into our backyard! I try, anyway. They seem to sneak back out by the time I can get out there after them.

I would love to chase them away and keep chasing them, but when they run I’m stuck by the fence.

It’s my job to keep them on the right side of the fence! Not like running the store is my job, but I think you know what I mean. My family entrusts me to keep those rascally things away.

It’s my yard, MINE!

Not the rabbits, possums (those things are even uglier than Chip) or birds!

Can’t you smell me everywhere in the yard? I’ve marked it all, you shouldn’t be entering it without my permission!

And you aren’t going to get it? I am on the job!

Yelled at for Trying to Talk with the New Neighbor

Yelled at for Trying to Talk with the New Neighbor

There’s a new dog next door! I can see him — or her, I haven’t found out yet — through the huge hole in the bottom of the fence.

However, every time I get close to the fence to say hello I get yelled at for barking.

What’s the matter with saying hello to a fellow dog? My pets say hi to the neighbors all the time.

Do I yell at them for when they stop to chat? No, I do not!

reilly hole in fenceI hear “Emma’s sleeping! Stop barking!” What’s the fun in that? I’m trying to make furiends!

Besides, I don’t know what that means when they say she’s sleeping. When I sleep it’s loud and there are things going on, can’t she sleep through my hello’s?

It’s so hard not to try to talk to the pets or new dog next door when the light is on next door. Guess I’ll have to practice not talking.

I wonder how big I can make that hole in the fence. Maybe Chip can come over and bring some of his pet’s power tools.

Busted Nail Hurt Lots – Then Yelled at for Bleeding!

Busted Nail Hurt Lots – Then Yelled at for Bleeding!

OUCH! I was running around the backyard and clipped my nail – and I don’t mean with nail clippers!

You know when pets say “I broke a nail!”; well that’s what I did. Dog, did it hurt!

My pet Christina had to cut off the nail and tape it up because it wouldn’t stop bleeding. That didn’t make me feel any better.

Hey did you know blood is red? I so didn’t know that! I also didn’t know that blood stains the carpet! It got everywhere my paw did! She was not happy!

She also kept following me around cleaning the carpet behind me. She got tired of doing that so she just taped up my foot all up.

It was weird. I couldn’t feel the floor. I didn’t know if my pad was actually touching the floor! Weirdest feeling ever. Three paws touching the floor and one unknown.

I’m better now, touch and go there for a few days, but it stopped bleeding and now it’s just healing. Licking it helps but I’m not allowed!

But it sure did hurt.

Finally, My Bed’s Back in the Living Room with the Family

Finally, My Bed’s Back in the Living Room with the Family

My pets finally took the Christmas tree down! It was pretty and all but they pushed my bed out in the hallway to make room for it so I’m really not sad to see it gone.

As soon as they took down the tree for now — I heard something about it coming back again in December — I got to come back into the living room!


However, the sad part is that I’m not in the same place. My usual place is now full of toys so now I am against the wall. It’s taking some time to get used to being in a new place.

They move my bed around so much that I actually forget where my bed is! Well, not really, it’s not that big a room.

I don’t know why they keep moving me; I can’t keep up with where my bed goes from day to day.

When they yell “GO TO YOUR BED!” they get mad when I go to several different locations until I find my bed, as if I can’t remember where my bed is! I really know, of course, but I want them to feel bad that they keep moving me all around.

Don’t get mad at me! I’m not the one that moves it around the living room!

Oh well, at least I’m back into the living room with everyone else, inside the gate!

At least for now.

Playing in the Leaves is Great Fun!

Playing in the Leaves is Great Fun!

One weekend my little pet played in the leaves that had fallen on the ground. I didn’t know why she seemed to have so much fun, so I decided to find a pile of leaves and try it out.

I ran through the leaves, jumped into them and enjoyed the crunch.

I never imagined that playing in the leaves could be that much fun! It was exciting! I can’t wait to do it again!

Hopefully next time I don’t have to be on my leash! That made the fun not as exciting, but it was still so much fun to do!

It was something that I would recommend doing whenever you get a chance! Here’s a great picture of me playing in the leaves…with my leash!

Banished to the Hall – By a Tree of All Things!

Banished to the Hall – By a Tree of All Things!

We put the Christmas tree up today.

Little pet likes to play with the ornaments.

I think the tree is pretty with the lights but….

….now I have nowhere to put my bed.

My pets have kicked me out of the living room and stuck me in the hall.

It was one thing to be relocated when the little pet came into the house but a tree? That seems a bit extreme!

I’m sure Chip will get some good laughs when he reads this. Grrrr

I hope to return to the living room once the catastrophe of the wet floor is over. Oh, I didn’t mention? Well, the dishwasher (whatever that is) decided to leak. It soaked the carpet and ruined a box of little pet’s books. She was very sad that she lost several books.

This mishap has thrown the living room into a disaster area. And then we add a tree into the mix?

*Sighs* I’m in the hallway.

Hope it won’t be around for long, I’d love to be back in the room with everyone!

Hide ‘n Seek with My Little Pet – Only I Wasn’t Hiding

Hide ‘n Seek with My Little Pet – Only I Wasn’t Hiding

Tonight the little pet decided to play hide and seek with me.

I was minding my own business and she put the blanket over my head and said “Where’s Reilly”?

I don’t know why she was asking because I was right there the whole time. She had, after all, just put the blanket covering me.

What did she do next? She pulled the blanket off of me and said “There he is!” Where did she think I went? I didn’t move.

She did this a few times…well more than a few but I started playing with her towards the end.

For some reason my older pets thought the whole thing was very funny, which only encouraged her to do it more. Even when I growled (in fun, of course, but they didn’t know that), they only laughed more.

When I finally decided to play along, she wasn’t quite sure what to do, as you can see in this video.

No Trick or Treating for Me – But I Did Trick My Pets

No Trick or Treating for Me – But I Did Trick My Pets

The pets went trick-or-treating without me this Halloween. I wish I could have gone but they told me I just couldn’t go and they left me all alone in the house behind a gate.

Well, they thought they left me behind the gate but they didn’t close it all the way. I got to see out the window! He he!

What did I see?

Lots of little pets walking around in the weirdest outfits! I also saw some dogs dressed up in outfits too! They looked pretty good! Not as good as I did in my outfit but you know, not everyone can look amazing as I do!

The best part of getting left behind? I got some awesome treats! They didn’t last as long as my pets hoped they would but they were darn good while they lasted.

Maybe next year I can go with them! But then I wouldn’t get the treats….hm tough choice.


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