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Shedding Hair Without the Mess that Drives Pets Crazy: Using a Shed Brush

Shedding Hair Without the Mess that Drives Pets Crazy: Using a Shed Brush

With the season change and warmer temperatures is your hair falling out?

My undercoat is falling out like crazy!

It’s great for me, because it makes me feel cooler (temperature wise, at least, I’m always feel the other kind of cool) but my pets aren’t too happy with the mess it makes.

Reilly here! I know, it’s been a while, right? Today I’m here to tell you about this super cool shed tool that helps with the hair that comes out!

Special Brush to Manage My Shedding

My pets hate how much hair comes out when they pet me or even when I’m just walking around. So my pet Christina found this shed brush that works so well.

Let me tell you, we’ve tried other brushes and mitts, but this worked really well! It’s specially made for dogs like me, with short hair. Now Chip wouldn’t be able to use this without some pain because he has long hair and the brush was made from short hair.

What makes it perfect for short hair? Well, the bristles are closer together and shorter in length. This allows for the brush to actually get to the undercoat that is trying to shed with the change of the season. It’s awful how much hair comes out. It’s like my pet Christina, she sheds too! A lot!

Managing Your Undercoat

What is an “undercoat” you ask? This is the fur that most dogs typically shed twice a year, roughly in the spring and in the fall. It’s that soft, fluffy hair that is denser and closer to the skin than the coarser outer coat that most breeds have. It is typically used to help protect the body while it is cold outside.

The point of getting this undercoat out is to help your dog shed that extra hair and to save the house from having hair everywhere on every surface.

reilly brushing hair pileUp above you can see me in all my glory getting brushed! It was an amazing feeling! I loved it. I loved all the attention…but also the treat that I got at the end!

Look how much hair she got out in just a short amount of time. I was only brushed for about 10 minutes and this is how much came out! Just imagine if I had allowed her to brush me for longer!

But if you don’t have short hair like me, and you have long hair like Chip there are shed brushes made for you! They have the bristles further apart and longer so that it can reach deep into your hair!

I know some of you are cats — yes, they make shed brushes for cats, whether you have long or short hair. How cool is that (no pun intended)!

Tell your pets to get you a shed brush. Better yet, buy one yourself and give it to them.

It’s a great way to get attention – good attention, not like the attention we get when we shed all over the house – and get rid of some unneeded hair at the same time!

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