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Sharp Dressed Dog Goes Outdoors

Sharp Dressed Dog Goes Outdoors

Does your pet like to do things outside with you like hiking, swimming, boating, WALKING? That is great fun, isn’t it, though it can be a pain in the tail when it rains or snows and gets messy outside.

Well guess what? There are clothes out there to help protect you from the elements and nature – and keep you looking sharp at the same time!

Reilly here again. I learned how to be a sharp dressed dog from Chip, though he sometimes dresses kind of funny (he says his pets do it for fun but I think he gets embarrassed when they do).

I think this outdoor wear is terrific! You can go for a run or walk and wear that shiny material just like your pets do. What it all shiny for? Who knows, ask your pet. I’m not sure they know, though. Probably doing it because other pets are doing it.

If the clothes aren’t enough to make you look sharp, they even make special sunglasses for us dogs! Gotta get your shades going.

If your pet likes to go boating or swimming, now you can tag along and look the part, too, by wearing a life jacket. I know that a life jacket makes it so that you don’t have to doggy paddle all the time and just relax and enjoy the water. If I liked the water, I’d be out there with you! When they force me to take a ride on the boat I have to wear one of them, though I hope I never need to test it.

If your pet likes to go hiking or do some other things outside, they have hats and outwear to help keep you out of the sun! They even make matching hats and shirts for those fashionably conscious out there! I’m sure Chip will model some for me soon. I will try to get some pictures of that for you.


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