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Sick Dogs Get Better When We Go to the Vet – Pet Insurance Can Help Pay

Sick Dogs Get Better When We Go to the Vet – Pet Insurance Can Help Pay

I had a really scary week — one my pets and I thought I might not get through. Fortunately they decided to take me to the veterinarian, even though they didn’t have an appointment and had to wait. I am feeling MUCH better now.

Yes, it’s Chip here — still here. My experience this week reminded me that going to the doctor is important for us, just as it is for our pets. That makes health insurance important for us, too.

Hey, I was worried about you too, Chip. You haven’t taught me everything about running the store or managing your business staff. Oh – – and I kind of like you. My little pet would miss throwing the ball to you too, even when she does it over Facetime. I chuckle that she likes that…but I digress. We are all happy you are feeling better.

Let me tell you, it was no fun feeling like I did. You can see in this picture here how I looked on the way to the doctor, especially compared to the way I looked when I got to go home again after some medicine, which is below.

At the Animal Hospital

We had to wait a while at the place they called the Animal Hospital. I don’t know why they called it that because all I saw there were dogs (okay, maybe a cat or two) so they could have called it just “hospital” because I didn’t see any animals. Anyway, I was really feeling bad.chip on way to veterinarian

My pets thought I had hurt my back again when I was chasing after a squirrel (I was in the house, he was outside) because I couldn’t even lift my head or even really walk well. They also know my ear was in bad shape because they cleaned it out a few days in a row and it was still bad. You know floppy-eared dogs like me, moisture gets trapped in there and it can really smell and feel bad.

Then I got to see the doctor. He felt all over me. WOW did he have cold hands! He didn’t find any problems with my back. That’s a good thing because I had back surgery before and didn’t want to go through that again. That assumes they would let me, because I am getting close to 100 years old (I’m 13 1/2 in pet years) so I don’t know if the doctor would want to operate again.

Fortunately, he didn’t find anything wrong with my back — or at least he said that. He looked in my ears and saw how bad they were and said I had a real bad infection. I could have told him that. My ear has been bothering me and my pets have seen me digging at it with my paw, which is why they cleaned it for a few days before. Don’t tell them, because I know they tried to help, but it really didn’t do anything for me.

Medicine to the Rescue

chip seeing needle at doctors officeThe doctor decided I probably have something called arthritis — I think I heard my pet grandma talking about that — so gave me a shot to relax my muscles and relieve some of my pain. The needle was SO big — you can see my reaction when the doctor brought that out in the picture to the left. WOW! Then again, it made me feel better, which is what it’s all about, right?

The doctor also prescribed an antibiotic for my ears, to clean up what he called an infection. Interesting he said something like that, because it seems like one or both of my ears is always bothering me. Now I understand why. He said my pets might have to give me these antibiotics for the rest of my life, which I hope is a very long time. Good thing there are inexpensive places online that dog medicine like this can be ordered by our pets cheaper than buying it at the vet — but don’t tell your vet because they are really good people who take care of us. They just don’t sell medicine at the best prices.

After getting that medicine, my pets were told to see how I felt at the end of the weekend and to bring me back if I didn’t do so well. It has been a couple of days and I am feeling MUCH better — and I’m not just saying that so I don’t have to go back to the veterinarian!

You can see me below on my trip home. I was feeling much better and even watched where we were going, the way I usually do.

Insurance for Going to the Doctor

My pets got off easy this time, it didn’t cost a whole lot to take me to the veterinarian, which they would have done regardless of cost. Hey, they love me! Many vet visits cost a lot of money, though, and this one easily could have — like the one before when I needed back surgery (I think they paid more than $2000 then but they don’t like to talk about it).

Taking us to the vet doesn’t have to be expensive for our pets, though, if they have the right insurance. Most of them have it for themselves, so if they have to go to the doctor or hospital they have help paying for it — or maybe even don’t have to pay anything at all.

nose-to-tail pet insurance coverage with Embrace

I had my staff update earlier research and they found that Embrace Pet Insurance — I don’t know why they call it “pet” insurance when it is for dogs, not our pets — still offers as good a deal for the right coverage as anyone. Yes, there are other good deals, but this is the one we have chosen as worthy of recommending through From Our Dogs to Yours. You might suggest your pets check it out.

Feeling Better Now

My pets have been commenting that I seem back to my usual self, which means I probably won’t have to go back to the doctor on Tuesday (yeah!).

We are all glad to hear that, Chip!

chip on way home from vetThanks, Reilly. I appreciate your concern.

The medicine has been working great — and really tastes good, too. Not at all what I expected from medicine after my past experiences. Now that they know where to get it cheaper, such as at 1-800-Petmeds, my pets are going to be buying it online like they do a lot of the stuff they buy for themselves (and also where they got my great bed).

I hope this feeling keeps up, but I am really doing well. I appreciate all that the veterinarian did for me, though I still probably don’t want to go back any time soon.


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