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Snow Looks Nice and Tastes Good – But It Is COLD!

Snow Looks Nice and Tastes Good – But It Is COLD!

So, it snowed! You know that white stuff that comes from the sky? Well, at least I think that’s what my pets were calling it.

Let me tell you that snow stuff is COLD!

No, it didn’t just happen today, but it took a while for my paws to thaw out enough to type this.

You know how much I hate wearing shoes when I go visit Chip? Well, I wish I had them! My feet were freezing!

Even worse, my pets made me go potty in the snow! I mean come on, it’s white!

It’ll show where I went….that’s embarrassing!

You know what happens when you go potty in the snow? It turns yellow! Neat huh?

Anyway, the snow tasted pretty good, except for the yellow part. I could eat it and it melted like water! It was a pretty neat trick!

When it was coming down I could catch it in the air! It was so cold.

I should have let my pet put my jacket on me before I went outside. Maybe then I wouldn’t have been soooooooo cold!

She said that I would regret not having a jacket on, whatever that meant! I needed that jacket. I needed those shoes! If it happens again, I’ll wear them with pride…and stay warm!

reilly walking in snow

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