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Sofas for Dogs – When You Can’t Use the People Version

Sofas for Dogs – When You Can’t Use the People Version

Does this happen to you – you and your pets are sitting down watching TV; they’re sitting on that big comfy chair that they just won’t let you up on while you sit on the floor longingly looking up at them? Don’t you wish that you had a place to sit of your own? Well, now you can!

Reilly here! I know I want to be sitting and curled up on something comfy other than my bed. I want to relax and stretch out on a sofa. That’s what they’re called you know, “sofas”. They make sofas for dogs now too!

Really? Cool, even for little dogs like me? Or are those the “love seats”? Why are they called “love seats” anyway? I mean, I don’t have anyone that I love enough to share my sofa with.

Sofas for Dogs?

Umm, a little off topic there Chip, but I know what you mean. I don’t want to be sharing my sofa with ANYONE! So, what was my point? Oh yeah, they make dog sized sofas just for us. We don’t have to share with anyone AND they look just like our pets sofas.

It’s great that they made something for us to lounge around and eat treats and be “couch potatoes” just like them! Couch potato…where did that come from? I don’t want to have a couch that’s a potato or eat one; I’d rather eat that good looking meat that Christina puts on that thing outside with the hot fire.

You mean a grill? Yeah, we’ve got one of those too…they make good smelling food. What was the point of this writing? Oh yeah, Reilly get back on track about the sofas!

Sofas for dogs….right! They are perfect. Our pets can put them right next to their couch or in front of it, or HEY they can put them ON the couch too! Then we can be even higher and see everything! King of the couch! Haha!


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