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St. Patrick’s Day is for Dogs Too!

St. Patrick’s Day is for Dogs Too!

For St. Patricks Day do your pets drag out green clothes and hats you never see the rest of the year? Will they be going to be out drinking green beer and eating green food? You feel left out?

I’m not talking about getting green water because I just don’t think that will taste real good.

Now you can join in on the festivities with these cool St. Patrick’s Day collars and leashes. Perfect for when they take you along with them – – or when you take them along with you!

Reilly again! I wanted to pass along some information about St. Patrick’s Day before I tell you how WE can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day along with our pets.

St. Patrick’s Day is widely recognized and celebrated throughout the United States. It is primarily observed as a celebration of Irish and Irish American culture. Celebrations such as prominent displays of the color green, consumption of alcohol (often dyed green), religious observances, and numerous parades are often seen throughout the United States.

Of course, those are things that our pets might do, but what about us? We can definitely go with them and enjoy this holiday, even if we’re not Irish Setters!

Dog Treats for St. Patrick’s Day Too!

I think that we could also get some kind of deliciously yummy St. Patrick’s Day dog treats to celebrate along with our pets! There are handmade treats that are iced with holiday designs. They are perfect for our eating while they are enjoying their green food.

They are also great for making us stay and be good while they are having too much fun drinking and partying with their friends. Each treat is made specifically for us dogs!

The St. Patrick’s Day collars are all decorated in a different shamrock fashion. One even has Snoopy! A great doggy hero and one of my business idols! A few of the collars even include different charms to celebrate this day.

These collars come with matching leashes that complete the ensemble of fashion.

Speaking of completing the ensemble tune into our next post for some more fashion made by pets just for St. Patrick’s Day!


Petco Reflective Adjustable Green Dog Collar (Large; 1


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