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Star Wars for Dogs – Now the Force is with Us, Too!

Star Wars for Dogs – Now the Force is with Us, Too!

“May the force be with you!”

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

Don’t know where those quotes are from? Well, let me enlighten you — it happens to be one of my favorite movies and a favorite of my pets, too. They can’t watch it enough for me (and I can’t work the remote for the DVD player to watch it myself).

Reilly here! May 4th is the holiday known as Star Wars Day! And now we can join either the Dark Side or the Jedi when our pets do!

You say you don’t know anything about Star Wars? Well then let me tell you about it!

Star Wars Story

Star Wars is a movie franchise that was created by George Lucas. There are two trilogies of movies that have been produced and filmed. There is a third trilogy in the works now that the Star Wars galaxy is owned by the Walt Disney Company. In my house it can’t come soon enough!

The Star Wars world doesn’t end with just six movies though; there are books, spin-off television shows, computer and video games as well as comic books involving the creatures and people we all know from the movie series.

chip yodaWhich side do you favor? The good side of the force are the Jedi’s while the evil or dark side of the force are the Sith. These two are fighting for control of the galaxy. They both use this really cool weapon known as a light saber! They can turn it on and off with a switch and it makes a cool noise when it comes on and when it clashes!

Pets sometimes dress up for different comic book galas as characters from the series. They also have a whole month of celebration for Star Wars at Walt Disney World resorts. People tend to dress up for this too! Now we can join them. We can pick a side too! I prefer the Jedi’s. Which do you prefer?

Dogs Can Dress for Star Wars — Cats Too!

Well whichever side you choose to fight for, you too can dress up in the costumes! More for your closet! Yup, always glad to add to your collection!

I think the Ewok costume is great! It looks like a giant teddy bear! I have even met a few dogs at the dog park who look like Ewoks without even wearing costumes. At least I think they’re not wearing costumes.

But you can be anything you want!

Chip and I also have doggie Yoda ears that we wear — the Yoda dog costume is pretty great too — see the pictures for proof! I don’t always like to wear a full costume since it gets so hot down here in the South, even in May! You can always get just headdress outfits like my Yoda ears too.

Oh and did I mention that your cat cohabitants can also dress up? Yup they make them for cats too! Now they can join the fun if they so choose to! Plus they make special cat toys in Star Wars themes. Some even have catnip that makes it even more exciting for your cat friends.

Star Wars Toys for Dogs

Toys, well they wouldn’t leave us dogs out of that now would they? Yes they make Star Wars dog toys as well. They come in all shapes and characters! You can match it to your collars and leashes or even to your bandana! Whichever you decide you want to wear!

If you’re really into Star Wars, you can even get a Star Wars themed water bowl. It can match your Star War character bed! They look pretty cool, big beds with shapes for your head like a pillow! A pillow! I don’t get one unless I sneak it away!

There is so much Star Wars merchandise to choose from that I could write for days! Before I forget, don’t Chip and I look great dressed up as Yoda!

Check out these links for lots of great items in Petco’s Star Wars Collection and Amazon.com’s selection of Star Wars pet items.

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