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Steps So We Can Get on the Furniture (or in the Car) More Easily

Steps So We Can Get on the Furniture (or in the Car) More Easily

I know all dogs aren’t tall like me (this is Reilly, of course) but still need to get access to key places around the house – hopefully with permission. Even though he’s not big, Chip could get up onto about anything when he was younger but now is limited by his aging (hehe) body and bad back.

Don’t tell him, but I discovered something that may end up being my Christmas present to Chip or may be his birthday present, not that it matters because they’re only a couple days apart (poor Chip – NOT!).

I found some steps for dogs that are made to be moved around the house. They even make them for the pool to help dogs get in and out – though I have no idea why dogs would want to go in to the pool. Anyway, this would give Chip a way to get on the sofa when he wants. That is, as long as his pets don’t notice. Then again, I wonder if they might notice the stairs and figure out what’s going on…

When I was looking around at different steps I might give to Chip I also found ramps you can get so dogs can get in and out of the car without having to jump all the time. That means you little guys will have an easier time going for rides to the dog park or tagging along with your pets when they go visit their families. Uh-oh, does that mean it will be easier for Chip to come visit me?

I will post some of what I found down below for you to take a look at yourselves. Please feel free to buy something. I do like to eat, after all, and my pets are expecting me to make some money off this store to help out around the house. As if it isn’t enough to for them just to see my pretty face around the house!


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