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Strollers for Dogs (Can You Believe It)!!

Strollers for Dogs (Can You Believe It)!!

Do you love being outdoors? Wish that your legs were a little longer so that you could join your pet on their daily jogs?

Chip here! I’ve found a solution just right for us little dogs. We might not be tall or have long legs, but we don’t want to be left behind when our pets go out for runs, be them actual or errands!

Have you see what they put the little pets in when they are small like us? I think they call them “strollers”? They are able to put their small pets in a contraption that looks like a small chair with wheels and then push them around everywhere they go.

Well, guess what, they make them for us dogs too! Yes – – strollers for dogs!

Not big dogs like Reilly of course. Sorry Reilly.

Darn, I think it’d be fun to be pushed around and just look at everything! You little dogs are so spoiled sometimes!

Ha-ha, yeah, Reilly, we are! Anyway, these strollers for us dogs are made for regular and sporty use – – and come in lots of colors. They make them if your pet like to go running or jogging, or even if they like to walk around a “mall”. You know that place where they walk in circles and look at different clothes? Yeah, a “mall”, whatever that is.

Well, Christina has seen them there, but having never been there myself, it’s hard to say. So I guess I’ll take her word on the subject.

These dog stroller things come with cup holders too, so that your pets think that they have something for themselves as well (at least I haven’t used a cup yet). They can even be hooked to the back of bikes for when your pet wants to go for a bike ride. Or on an airplane! (What’s that? No clue, but I’ve heard my pets talk about traveling on them before.)

They can even carry more than one pet at a time! If there are more than one of you in the house!


Pet Gear Burgundy Jogger Pet Stroller (45Pet Gear Pink Roadster Pet Stroller (Interior: 33Pet Gear Blueberry Special Edition Sportster Stroller (Interior: 27Pet Gear Sport Stroller in Blue, For Pets up to 20 lbs. (22

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