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Surgery for Reilly: He’s Back in His E-Collar — and Wearing Boxer Shorts??

Surgery for Reilly: He’s Back in His E-Collar — and Wearing Boxer Shorts??

When Chip was feeling awful and had to go to the vet, I felt bad for him like all of you … now I’ve unfortunately got some some news myself.

Reilly here! I just got home from the Animal Hospital. Now, usually I love to go to the visit the vet — unlike Chip — because I see new people to play with and maybe even a cat to give a snarl.

This time I did not have a good time, not at all. I had to have surgery. I had bladder stones.

Oh, cmon, Reilly. You just couldn’t bear it that I was getting so much attention and sympathy! What did you do, eat some rocks outside or something?

I don’t think so, Chip.

Surgery and Recovery

Now if you don’t know what bladder stones are, thank goodness! They are horrible things! I hurt so badly! I have to use one of those E-collars that I hate. I look so pitiful in an E-collar! Don’t you agree? I want to pick at these staples on my underside but this E-collar just isn’t letting me get to it! Don’t you just wish that you can reach around the E-collar, or not have one on at all???

To top off the E-collar fun, I have to stay put inside my exercise pen, which my pets also call my kennel. I feel better about being in the kennel when it doesn’t have a boxed-in feel. My pets can also move it around the house wherever they are.

reilly ecollar and confinedCurrently I’m writing this while in the comfort of the living room. I have to admit that this pen is pretty cool because I have plenty of room to lie down and move in a circle, but I am restricted in that I can’t roam or jump or get too excited because my pets are afraid I will pull out my staples.

While in my exercise pen I have a nice comfy bed to lie down on. I have a big fluffy bed that fits my whole body stretched out. It hurts to scrunch up my body, so laying down on my side is the best way to not feel those awful staples.

The fluffy part of this special dog bed (my pets said it was special – like me) allows me to not feel the hard surface of the floor and have a little bit of padding against my incision site (the place where the vet sliced me open to get to my insides).

When I go outside I can’t go without wearing a leash and harness. I usually have a gentle leader, but I can’t wear it while I have the E-collar on. I have to use a harness so I don’t choke myself. The leash walking is supposed to help keep me calm so I don’t run around too much and further injure myself.

Diet Change to Avoid Repeat Surgery

I’ve got to also change my diet; I am going to tell my pets that they can get what I need to eat from Pet Food Direct. That way they can get a deal on my food and have it mailed straight to the house! Benefit!

I just got some great advice from my veterinarian! I tend to be one of those dogs that really likes to lick and bother at my staples. So, she decided that it might be a good idea to add an extra layer of protection from myself. What did she suggest you ask? Boxer shorts on backwards (at least she didn’t say briefs)! I can’t reach my staples even if I do somehow manage to get the E-collars off….AGAIN!!

I like all the attention that I’m getting because of the surgery, but if I could skip the surgery and still get the attention; that’d be so much better!!!

4 Responses to Surgery for Reilly: He’s Back in His E-Collar — and Wearing Boxer Shorts??

  1. Jana Rade says:

    Oh Reilly, that would have hurt. Get well soon. Fingers crossed they won’t come back.

  2. Bailey says:

    Hope you are feeling better soon. Mom has tried t-shirts, but never thought to try boxers.

    • Christina Booker says:

      Thanks for your well wishes! I am feeling better! The boxers are very stylish and they do help to keep me from pulling out any staples! My pet Christina also thinks they are super easy to clean too! Come back soon to catch my latest antics!~~Reilly

  3. Edna says:

    Oh Reilly! So sorry to hear that you had stones! It is prevalent with the Spottyed ones, especially males.
    Hoping you’d make a fast recovery and remember, you got to stay calm while you are recuperating. I know it’s hard to do, but it’s best in the long run.
    Spottyed Hugs!

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