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Time for “Take Your Dog to Work Day” – A Great Day with Our Pets

Time for “Take Your Dog to Work Day” – A Great Day with Our Pets

Hey, have you heard about your pets talking about bringing their little pets to work with them one day? Well now we can go with them!

Chip here! “Take your Dog to Work Day” started 105 years ago (in our years), back in 1999. This year it’s on Friday, June 20. What is this? This is a day when our pets bring us to work. Well, I think they have to get permission from their employers first, but when they do then you can go into work with them.

You know, it’s that place they leave for everyday and come back late. Now you can see exactly what they do every day after they leave you alone in the house! I haven’t been yet, but then my pets work at home a lot, which works out great for me.

Now, if you’re going with them to work, make sure that they have everything set up for you. What do I mean by that? Well you’re going to need all the comforts of home while you’re away. You’re also going to need to be safe while you’re in the car on the way to the office.

Kurgo Go-Tech Adventure Blue Dog Harness, Large ()In the car, you want to make sure you’re safe. After all, you want to get there and get home without getting hurt. You should be buckled up like your pets are. They use a seat belt, and so can you! Are you too small for a seat belt? Then you can use a car seat or dog booster seat (the store might call it a pet seat, but it’s really for us, not them) that locks you into the seat and keeps you safe.

Are you too big to wear a seat belt? Well, you can get a protective cover for your pet’s car seats from hair and dirt. Everyone needs to be safe while riding in a car no matter what size you are!

While you are at the office, you will probably want to lie down on a bed. What kind of bed, you ask? Well a good travel dog bed has to be cushy and comfortable. If you are older like me, then you want one that is orthopedic dog bed … what does that mean? It means that you want something that is soft but also provides support for your old body. It will help your joints and back. I need something that supports my back since I have back problems!

Another thing you’re going to want is water and possibly food. I might suggest an automatic water system. Why? Well, your pet is going to be busy; possibly too busy to remember to refill your water dish. If you had an automatic water system then you wouldn’t have to worry about not having a full water bowl. (Also good to use at home as well!)

Depending how long you’re there, you may want to partake in lunch or even dinner with your pet. If you had travel/collapsible bowls, you can eat with them when they take their breaks. Or you can get actual bowls that are smaller than your bowls and call them “traveling” bowls. Reilly has a set that he brings to our meetings.

Chip! You need to add something here! It’s related to food.

What are you talking about Reilly?

You need to talk about “BUSY” treats.

Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain (15Oh yeah! Thanks for the reminder. Busy treats …these are treats that you are given to keep you busy. If your pet gets too busy to play or pay attention to you then they need to give you to keep you busy so that they can do their work! Rawhides or bones or other treats that take you a long time to go through are the best treats to keep you “busy.”

Hopefully your pet will also remember you need to go out at least a couple times during the day to do your business. Sure, we manage to do fine at home all day but we do get the attention from other people all day at home, nor the stress of being in a strange place. Your pet won’t want the boss getting mad at a puddle in the break room or a squish on the bottom of their shoes when they walk down the hall, will they.

Whatever job your pet has, be prepared for pettings! People love dogs and we all know that a good belly rub is one of the best things in the world. Have a great take your dog to work day!


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