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Thanksgiving Dinner for Dogs – We’re Thankful for Foooood!

Thanksgiving Dinner for Dogs – We’re Thankful for Foooood!

Thanksgiving is one time when our pet’s get together with other pets for eating dinner and watching TV. Well, those are the ones I’m with anyway, because the female pets don’t like me around the kitchen.

Who can blame them, Reilly, since you could eat the food they are making right off the counter top?

Yeah, guess you’re right Chip. I hadn’t thought about that (hehehe).

What will you eat at the gathering? Well, guess what? They make food for us to enjoy that is supposed to taste like what our pets are eating. Does it really? Who knows, they never give me anything that they are eating so how can I compare it?  All I know is theirs smells SOOOO good! These meals come in cans, but they also come in treat forms as well. They are great if you are interested in just having a little snack or a big meal of what they are eating.

Turkey & Fixin’s for Dogs?

Since we can’t partake of the feast of food that fills those great tables our pets sit at for Thanksgiving meal we should get a gift for being good and leaving the food on the table, right? Well they make them, so why shouldn’t we get them? Well, maybe not exactly like what our pets eat, but what they look like BEFORE they make it to the table.

All I know is that I get to eat foooood! It’s different and special for the holiday.  Different isn’t always better, but my pets haven’t given me any food I didn’t like. Maybe I snuck a bit that wasn’t so great, but that’s another story.

Pets send each other cards to celebrate the holiday when they can’t be together. Well, they make edible cards for dogs. They look just like the cards that pets send each other with the exception that they are made for us dogs and that they are tasty treats! Isn’t that great!

Aren’t the holidays a great time to be a dog? But then, isn’t ANY time?

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