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Thanksgiving Dog Costumes & Other Neat Stuff for the Holiday

Thanksgiving Dog Costumes & Other Neat Stuff for the Holiday

You know that day when your pets and their relatives get together and eat that poor big turkey and sit in front of the TV and watch them throw around that poor pig’s skin? They call it Thanksgiving.

Chip here. Do your pets wear different clothes for different holidays? Well, they make holiday wear for us too.

Really, who’d guess that? I think we should have our own closets for all the clothes that we can get!

You’re right Reilly; we should have our own closets. Maybe you should research some for another post because I’m tired of them just throwing my clothes in a box near the door.

Hmm, I think I will. Thanks for the idea. I’ll let you get back to Thanksgiving holiday merchandise for us dogs.

Outfitting Dogs on Thanksgiving

Thanks Reilly, I will. Where was I? I think I was about to go into the costumes that are available for wearing. You can get a turkey, pilgrim, Indian, or scarecrow to wear to the party. Hey, a scarecrow costume can do double duty if a Wizard of Oz party breaks out!

This stuff looks great and keeps us a bit warm, which is handy because it is cooler at Thanksgiving time than at Halloween. At the same time I have to wonder why our pets dress us for this holiday because I don’t see mine or anyone around wearing anything like that. As long as they keep telling me I look cute, I guess I can get over it!

And just like Halloween, they make matching collars and bandanas that we can wear. They come in holiday spirit colors and designs. They match our pets outfits that they wear each holiday. Isn’t it great that we can match our pets?

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