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Towels – Wet Dog’s 2nd Best Friend (After Pet to Dry Us)

Towels – Wet Dog’s 2nd Best Friend (After Pet to Dry Us)

Towels are nice, warm and fluffy – a great way to get dry after being out in the rain or (ugh) taking a bath. Did you know that there were towels for different occasions? I didn’t, but now I do!

Chip here! You know what towels do in your house right? They clean up messes, wipe paws, and dry off water. But did you know that there are towels that you can use for each occasion?

What do you need a towel for? Yeah, sure, after you just get a bath, even if it was against your will, I’ll bet you got to use one then, didn’t you. You might even have used more than one, especially if you are big like Reilly.

There are towels for the floor, which my pet calls doggie floor mats, so that you don’t get water everywhere. You can get one that’s a memory foam one so it’s nice and comfy or you can get something that’s a doormat type. Either one will keep the water off the floor and your pet happy.

Drying Off – the Only Good Part of a Bath

I’ll bet you were dried with a bath towel after you got out of your bath too. Was it a large enough one to cover your whole body? No, well they have those! That way you can get dried a lot faster! They come in different colors and fabrics. Depending on how thick you want your towel to be!

To help your pet dry you off faster, they even have towels with pockets! Now, what would that do, you ask? Well your pets can put their hands in the pockets and rub it all over your body without it slipping and causing them a headache! It seems like a paw-tastic idea!

You can even get some fun towels to dry off with that have a hood with funny characters! They are almost like costumes and can bring some fun to your bath. I know Reilly’s little pet has some that make her look funny and these towels remind me of that. Don’t have one of your own? Well, you should get one! Look at me wearing one; I think it makes taking baths more fun!

While you’re in your bath, your pets can even use a towel to wash you! They go on their hands and they run them all over your bodies with soap to get you clean! They feel so good being rubbed all over your body! It’s like a massage! OOOH, rub rub rub!

Great to Have Towels When It’s Raining Outside

Now for the last category I have for you today. When it rains outside and the grass gets all wet and yucky, your paws get wet too right? Well, your pets require you to have them dry in order to come inside.

My pets are always making me roll over in order to dry my paws. I found these paw drying towels to help with this arduous task. You can enjoy getting your paws wiped dry with these fun towels!

Enjoy these towels and if you have a fun hooded towel, SHOW us what you look like while wearing it! We love pictures here at From Our Dogs to Yours!

Chip wrapped up in his towel

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