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Toys for More Mature Dogs and Their Pets

Toys for More Mature Dogs and Their Pets

Toys – such a great topic we could discuss it all day!

Reilly here again on toys. I see Chip told you about his favorite  toy. It seems like he always has one and almost doesn’t need any more. That is SO not me. I am just a toy hound (no pun intended)! I just jump from one toy to the next and my pets just can’t buy me enough of them.

As you can see, everything is now a hard rubber toy. They’re great for playing and I don’t get yelled at because I can’t destroy it (well, at least I haven’t spent enough time on one to find out)!

Big dogs like me need things that they can’t easily break or tear up. Some toys like cloth Frisbees or tennis balls are great for the park or short play times, but solid toys are better.

Ooh, a tennis ball, that yellow fuzz is fun to pull off and eat! Chip hates when I steal his tennis ball toy and play with it. I think he just doesn’t want to share! But, once again, I digress.

There are hard durable rubber balls and tug-of-war toys and even bones that I can chew on. I make everything into a tug-of-war toy when I can; it’s the greatest game ever and keeps my pets occupied. They just seem to want to play all the time!

Well, I guess tug-of-war is the greatest aside from my laser game! My laser pointer! No, I’m not a cat, but I love to play with my laser – but not as much fun as my pets seem to have playing with me. Chasing that little thing around, trying to catch it! I’ve seen it on the floor, on the wall, on pet’s feet, everywhere! It’s so much fun! I know that not every dog is special like me and enjoys it, but it’s a great reusable toy if they do!

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